Monday, January 7, 2013

Morning Break Conversation

Morning break in our house or recess for those  who are in school is between 10 and 10:30. Right after Nh's academic work and reading time but just before I check L's math work for the day. After this break A and As usually go back to their academic work and I go to the computer (so here I am blogging right away). Since today is a cold day, I decided to serve hot cocoa and open the cookies we received for Christmas.
The conversation that transpired was most reassuring! And of course, cute!

Nh asked A, "What do you call that dark place where there are planets?"
A: "The solar system?"
Nh: "Ah... No the other name?"
A: "Space? Why?"
Nh: "Yes! Yes! Because my cookie is like the moon and its dark space."
I asked him if I could take a picture. Then, As suggested to let the cookie float in the hot chocolate. and so down went the cookie.
Then Nh goes, "My island is sinking!"
As and A goes, "Get a spoon! Faster Scoop it! Eat it right away!!! Its soggy already!"
 I don't recall having drilled Nh about the solar system. I am sure we talked about it, but I don't remember any particular conversation though! But he knows about it! He is learning indeed!
 That's recesses for us today. 
Have a great week ahead!


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