Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Wept, Against Medical Advise.

I now believe that when I feel the urge to go to the bookstore, a book is seriously calling me! Yesterday, I had a to do list that should have filled my entire morning but it turned out to be a quick dash and I was done! On my way out, I heard the call of the book! So I walk to National Bookstore and the title, "Against Medical Advise" caught my eye!
 Page 1 made me want to cry, but of course I did not! I had to buy the book first!

I thought I'd shed some tears. Oh was I wrong! I found myself weeping!!!
What on earth is Tourette Syndrome? I am sure I heard it somewhere, sometime ago but what is it again? I also found Philippine Tourette Syndrome Association.
While reading the book I can't help but ask, Why? When will this end? What now? I am so sorry for the mom! I am so sorry for the dad! I am so sorry for this growing boy and his sister too!
I asked myself, Could the parenting style be exacerbating the condition?
Then, I condemn myself and ask, how could I even think that?
Oh but its too much! Just way too much for me!
What will I do if this happens to any of my children? 
I think all parents should read this! 
There is hope! 
The heart can see and the heart does not judge!
I think, this is where  parents differ from the 'experts'.
This is so reaffirming
The book is on sale in National Bookstore in Abreeza. 
If you are in Davao City, I can lend you my book just leave a message here. 
And promise me you will return it.


  1. i'll borrow this alex after i'm finished reading all the other books i bought. :)

    1. Surely Devi :D You know how to reach me.


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