Monday, January 28, 2013

First Mommy Meet Up 2013

For the first Mommy Meet Up for 2013, new moms came in to share their birth and breastfeeding experience. I had so much fun!!! New moms have so much to share.

We got to talk about birth plans, nursery and rooming in, sore nipples, mastitis, milk blister etc etc...
Some of the moms have met each other in the July 2012 Meet Up when we did Belly Art.
 There were more new moms than moms-to-be, I certainly hope that the moms-to-be had a better view of the "landscape".  
One of the new moms formed a play group and I said they could meet up at The POD if they like. What a great way to start 2013!!!
More photos here.

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