Thursday, January 31, 2013

And the Winner...

Of the January Giveaway is
From the Facebook comments:
Julie Faith Palo- Lapaz
Congratulations Julie!!!
Thank you everyone for joining!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Root Project

All the manual labor to get the root of a weed that grew into a tree, in the little patch between the gate and the wall is what kept L, Nh and As busy this last 4 days. If this were a fruit bearing tree, I would have defended it, but since we could not identify the tree and we know our neighbor will eventually complain, plus our yaya Chu said it bears poisonous fruits that might be bad for our dog, we decided to uproot it. We should have done this much earlier but I was hopping it would be a mango tree and I just wasn't up to doing the task. It was more than 2 meters long by the time my husband decided to act on it! Which made him and the kids talk a lot about The little Prince (my read aloud for the month of January) and Baobabs.
This is most likely last day of digging as they got all the root out now. I wish I took pictures when they started. I think this is a good Science activity. L saw a stone stuck in the roots and pointed it out to me. Anyway, they are all upstairs now, doing math, I think. I will be reading the book Trees, before lunch. I got this book some months ago, you can read about it here.

Something is going on and I was told it has much to do with my work. I think it has much to do with change and Evidence based Maternity Care and Practices. So yes, it has nothing to do with this root project. I think what's going on is not the problem, it the result of a problem. I think the key people involved should start getting into the root of the situation, as other situations such as this will arise. The real issue I think has long been over due but like my little weed turned tree, it was left unattended. I think now is the time, for the big people in the big garden to start digging. I am but a small weed (to those who do not like what I do) or a small flower (to those who value what I do) I can not do the digging in the their garden because it will be in vain, they can do it better and efficiently by themselves. But they are most welcome to step into my garden and see how the sun shines on my side.

Monday, January 28, 2013

First Mommy Meet Up 2013

For the first Mommy Meet Up for 2013, new moms came in to share their birth and breastfeeding experience. I had so much fun!!! New moms have so much to share.

We got to talk about birth plans, nursery and rooming in, sore nipples, mastitis, milk blister etc etc...
Some of the moms have met each other in the July 2012 Meet Up when we did Belly Art.
 There were more new moms than moms-to-be, I certainly hope that the moms-to-be had a better view of the "landscape".  
One of the new moms formed a play group and I said they could meet up at The POD if they like. What a great way to start 2013!!!
More photos here.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Wept, Against Medical Advise.

I now believe that when I feel the urge to go to the bookstore, a book is seriously calling me! Yesterday, I had a to do list that should have filled my entire morning but it turned out to be a quick dash and I was done! On my way out, I heard the call of the book! So I walk to National Bookstore and the title, "Against Medical Advise" caught my eye!
 Page 1 made me want to cry, but of course I did not! I had to buy the book first!

I thought I'd shed some tears. Oh was I wrong! I found myself weeping!!!
What on earth is Tourette Syndrome? I am sure I heard it somewhere, sometime ago but what is it again? I also found Philippine Tourette Syndrome Association.
While reading the book I can't help but ask, Why? When will this end? What now? I am so sorry for the mom! I am so sorry for the dad! I am so sorry for this growing boy and his sister too!
I asked myself, Could the parenting style be exacerbating the condition?
Then, I condemn myself and ask, how could I even think that?
Oh but its too much! Just way too much for me!
What will I do if this happens to any of my children? 
I think all parents should read this! 
There is hope! 
The heart can see and the heart does not judge!
I think, this is where  parents differ from the 'experts'.
This is so reaffirming
The book is on sale in National Bookstore in Abreeza. 
If you are in Davao City, I can lend you my book just leave a message here. 
And promise me you will return it.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Son's Writing Skills

Here's a list of what Nh CAN NOT DO:
X write or identify the first letter of his name (it does not seem to matter to him)
X write or identify the alphabet from A to Z (if I hold and drag his hand sure he can 'write')
X write or identify numbers 2 to 9

Here's what he CAN DO:
:) write numbers 0, 1 and 10 (if he remembers that 1 must come first) 
:) write a dot. 
:) write a crocked line from one picture to another in a work book 

 I randomly ask him hold the pencil now, and here is his little hand:

So I guess or I think, I should say he will be writing soon. Is he delayed? Should I be worried? If I start comparing him with my daughters then I would be super worried by now.  But he has other strengths and most of all I do not want to rush him.

He can understand, he is helpful and he seems really motivated with his cutting and pasting. He'll be turning 5 by April. And again he has no interest in writing. If I sit down and color with him and talk then he will hold a crayon or pen and do the same. But that's it so far!  Anyway in case he NEVER gets to write, I suppose he can cut out his words and paste them??? Wahahahahahahaha!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Once a Week Concoction

In the name of willingness to experiment, going for healthy and trying new flavors we have a once a week fresh juice blend with whatever fruits and/or vegetable we have in the house. For this morning, we have:
2 and a half cucumbers
7 pcs grapes
2 guavas (from our backyard)
2 slices of papaya (from breakfast)

Everybody helps out.
 Check out my daughter's reaction

What started out as green juice turned to some kind of free flowing yellow juice.
I wish they could drink it as fast without a straw but Nh and L can't finish the juice in a small glass without one.
The verdict for this mix:
"It did not taste as sweet as expected but its refreshing and light."
"The color is scary."
"Its okay but if this were a restaurant I will not order it again!"

Oh well, lets see how the next blend goes. 
Have a great week ahead!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Helping Out

Lend a hand to your sister. This is what I tell everybody in the house! Not because she is crippled and needy but because she is not! She is helping herself and working her way through her condition, Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. Her condition is not life threatening (for now and I would like to keep it that way). I want our family to have meaningful positive memories about each other, I want them to practice being there for each other.

L immobilizing As after her exercise
 As has to devote 45 minutes everyday for her home exercises. Giving her the space and a hand is what I want. She seems to enjoy her exercises and she can explain her condition and why she does her exercises the way she does it. I am so happy about this. I asked her to explain to us what she is doing and how to help her. She had therapy for a month at Scoliosis SOS Clinic and wrote a diary about her daily therapy (as I instructed her to do), complete with drawings. We are now leafing through it and completing the chart they sent her.

I think As is also diligent with her exercises now because she understands them and it gives her a chance to be free from her brace during the day. She also has some suggestions about her brace. She also does not like to wear her brace. My husband and I are not very excited to invest on another body brace, but we'll see.One day at a time.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Morning Break Conversation

Morning break in our house or recess for those  who are in school is between 10 and 10:30. Right after Nh's academic work and reading time but just before I check L's math work for the day. After this break A and As usually go back to their academic work and I go to the computer (so here I am blogging right away). Since today is a cold day, I decided to serve hot cocoa and open the cookies we received for Christmas.
The conversation that transpired was most reassuring! And of course, cute!

Nh asked A, "What do you call that dark place where there are planets?"
A: "The solar system?"
Nh: "Ah... No the other name?"
A: "Space? Why?"
Nh: "Yes! Yes! Because my cookie is like the moon and its dark space."
I asked him if I could take a picture. Then, As suggested to let the cookie float in the hot chocolate. and so down went the cookie.
Then Nh goes, "My island is sinking!"
As and A goes, "Get a spoon! Faster Scoop it! Eat it right away!!! Its soggy already!"
 I don't recall having drilled Nh about the solar system. I am sure we talked about it, but I don't remember any particular conversation though! But he knows about it! He is learning indeed!
 That's recesses for us today. 
Have a great week ahead!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year Giveaway!!!

My eldest daughter bought 3 boxes of Lansinoh Nursing Pads (60 pads in a box) for me while she was in London. Sweet right?!! But I am not breastfeeding anymore LOL. She knows that, still I encouraged her to buy them so I can have it in the little store at The POD! I feel so blessed and touched by her effort and in my head, things seem to be coming full circle as nursing pads where my ONLY breastfeeding paraphernalia 15 years ago when I gave birth to her! I am certainly getting carried away!!!

So, the first box will be for this New Year Giveaway!!! There are 2 more boxes at The POD for Php 550.00 a box. I know this will run out in a while and I have no way of buying more, so just go to Baby Mama if you need more.

Here's our contest mechanics/ rules:
1. Open to all Davao City residents and those who are near enough or have friends/ family to drive to The POD to pick up the box on or before 6 pm of February 10, Saturday. Its also the Chinese New Year!!!
2. Winner can not claim the item after Feb 10.
3. Contest will Close at 12nn on January 29. Comments under this post and on Facebook will be printed out and raffled.
4. Winner will be announced on this blog and on The Facebook page of The POD by January 31. 

Here are 2 ways to win:
     ~You can leave a comment under this post and/ or
     ~ Like The POD on Facebook and leave a comment here.
     ~ Meaning you can do both, so you have more chances of winning!

I am so excited!!
Happy New Year to all!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Let the Academic Work Begin!

Oh yes!!! Its that time of year again (and June too!) 
We are looking into a curriculum again, 
Setting long term and short term goals
Getting the stuff we did not get right last time
Making copies of worksheets
and the list goes on!!!

 A doing her Chemistry work.
Making a list and checking it twice  
Chemistry materials and the like..

As, L and Nh started with a math/ coloring book!
By the time I got to the room they were almost done!
Pasting, and 
Of course, looking for, what L calls "cheesy math stuff" like:
She may not sing along but I know she gets her math work more after watching videos like this!

One step at a time 
and we will all get to where we want to go...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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