Monday, December 10, 2012


I have never known hectic so intimately as I did this last week of November and first week of December!
Waaaaaaaaahhhh!!! for:
  • How am I going to do this?
  • How can this be happening now?
  • What shall I do first?
  •  I never thought I could...
I prayed and vowed to make the most of our family being far apart. The fact is, I seem to have forgotten what its like to be with an 8 and 4 year old, but before I realized this, I had the following in my hands and I was certain I could manage:
+our home 
+ my schedule at The POD
+ bazaar,  Marco Polo, then DavCon.
A few days before my husband, A and As leave:
+ +one helper (our cook) needed to go home for her sick lolo,  Not planned but manageable still
As soon as I said goodbye to my husband, A and As at the airport ,
+++my mom gets admitted to the hospital !!! So straight from the airport, I went with L and Nh to Brokenshire Memorial Hospital. Totally unexpected!!!
 He so reminded me of Tiny Tim, walking with my moms cane while my mom was on a wheelchair! I had to take a picture.  I can't recall how many hours we spent in the hospital but when we got home I encouraged L to make poster to cheer my mom up and to keep her busy while I was on the phone with my younger sister.
While my mommy was in the hospital, L, with my permission and instigation, started playing Plants vs Zombies on the iPAD! This was my solution so that they will stay in the bed/couch while in the hospital. I can't believe I did this! She is also able to finish the game and watched the sunflower in concert! Waaaahhhhh! I am thinking of keeping the iPAD now!

Just before my mom's laser surgery I seriously thought I have reached the end of my rope! Waaaaaaaaaah!!!!! To keep things together for me, I set myself for some quiet time and tea, and look what I find inside the tea bag,
I am unlimited? 
Yeah okay I am!
More like I have to be! 
Thanks Yogi Tea, your little words always seem to get it right for me. My mom left the hospital 10 days after being admitted. Now, that my mom is out of the hospital, I am more than determined to make the most of the time I have alone with L and Nh. I am thinking now of how little attention (compared to what I gave with A and As at this age) I have given L and Nh when it comes to academic work. They seem to know a lot anyway. But as I said, I want to make the most.

L is doing geography now and it goes hand in hand with the cursive writing book I got her in Fully Book in Abreeza. I wonder now if I started this if As and A were here. We are using some old books that my husband used when he was a boy and of course, Geography Song Kit is back in action.
Nh is learning how to write numbers now. And count using his fingers. I have observed that after about 2 to 3 pages of writing and talking he tells me he is hungry so we close our work by counting with our fingers. This is something he resisted. I told him I need to check that his fingers are not paralyzed. Of course, I made it sound ultra important and serious enough for him to ask me, "what's that?" Waaaaaaaah! for him.
 Now I have to make room for Nh in the working table. Or should I have another working table?  He now knows how to return the pens, scissors and his workbook after working!

I am now in love with Lego. I never thought this will happen! Waaaaaaaaaah!
I never liked Lego even when I was a kid. I have a litany of reasons why I do not like Lego. I just decided to sit down with my dear son as I imagined he might be missing his dad when playing with the Lego bricks on the floor. Now here I am, controlling myself from heading to The Oak and Acorn to get some more Lego! Waaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

We did some baking and Christmas gift wrapping too!!! With Nh this means scotch tape to the fullest and with L its all about the biggest bow and the longest ribbon. I pretended not to mind as she generously lace up her precious gift! Waaaaaaaahhhhh!
Things are sort of settling down for us now. So I like to believe that all my Waaaaaahhhh!!! will start becoming a mere memory. I learned a lot and I feel blessed that I am able to prioritize despite feeling very short. I am grateful that I have time alone with my 2 younger children and for the insights. I miss my 2 older ones and I can't help but wonder if life will be this sort of longing once they leave home. Waaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
Praying every evening with L and Nh is such a joy. Its such a perfect way to end my day. No matter how hectic it was, how worried I was, or how late our day ended, their concerns and love, sincerity and trust that they offer in their little prayers makes me feel small and grand all at once. I am not sure how to explain that but it makes me not want to go Waaaaaaahhhhh!!!

Thank you dear reader for dropping by and have a good week ahead! And as my tea bag declared,
 "You are Unlimited."

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