Friday, November 2, 2012

All Saints Day

We went up to Malagos Garden Resort. My husband and I decide that some quiet time out doors is what we needed and that's exactly what we got! The last time we were in Malagos L was still baby in a sling!

Big sister and Little Brother...

 We hanged out with Pixie. One of the 3 miniature horses in the petting zoo.

Dad! What are you doing to the chicken!!!?

Calling the birds...

And they did come! Hand feeding the birds!

On the way home, we drove by my grand parents old house in Calinan since we were in the area and my mom pointed out a spot that brought back memories for her. The house is no longer there. The property was sold some years ago. We arrived home at around 3:30. By 6:30 we said the Rosary and then had dinner. So happy!


  1. seems like you guys had loads of fun. I'm thinking of bringing my kids there. they all love animals.

    1. Go Anne, the miniature horse, bird feeding, horse back ridding is such a winner for me. The place is quiet or at least it was when we were there. There is a butterfly dome but you should go in the morning. They have a set lunch with entrance fee but for my 3 younger children we ordered from the resto so we were able to save a bit.

  2. Hey lex!!! didn't knwo you have a blog. NICE!!! what a happy family you have, the children are all smiles here. love this post! xx


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