Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What I am Doing and What I am Uncertain About

If you arrived at this blog because you are searching for home schooling I hope you find the next 5 lines helpful.This is what my husband and I decided to do/ still doing. This is what I am sure of:

1. I did not Bring School Home.
2.  My children will miss out on what school kids are into and that is not bad in itself. It  might even be better.
3. Attitude is better than grades.
4. If my child wants a numerical or letter grade for a given subject she (my son is too young to ask for this) compute it herself and tell me about it. I can show her how but she has to come up with her own criteria.
5. As a mother/ educator, I need and I will get help. I do not and will never know everything. Example, I can not play the piano, violin, read musical notes (despite having music lessons in school for 6 years.) So I need help with this and many other things/ subjects. Another example, playing Badminton with me is nowhere near playing Badminton with friends.

Here are 2 thoughts/ questions I am not sure of the answer and I don't know what to do. I find myself constantly thinking about:
1. The general question of what's going to happen five years from now? This really keeps me on my toes. I know that we reap what we sow...
This is how I see it (all other factors remain constant which means to say there will be no famine, war, etc):
how we spend or act today + time = five year from now reality.
2. Will they (specially my eldest) be safe if we send them away for college? And where? And why there? My husband and I didn't leave our family to go to university so this is uncharted territory for the both of us...

If you arrived at this blog searching for homeschooling or for whatever reason you landed here and have some encouraging thoughts on the two points I am struggling with and not sure about, do share it with me.

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