Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Carving!!!

We bought a pumpkin to carve and to eat! As Halloween fever is raging in our home now with all the DIY projects spearheaded by A, here is a link to her blog and here is another post from her.  This is like a family tradition now, buying and carving and cooking pumpkin! Pumpkin at Malagos cost P180 per kilo, at least a days ago that is the price. I am hoping it will get cheaper as we move closer to Halloween. We got a 1.5 kg pumpkin! What joy!

 As with our little pumpkin! 

 Pumpkin carving for Halloween never fails to delight!

 Getting the "insides" out.

Drawing the eyes and mouth with fangs before cutting them out!

Busy with seeds and talking...

With the pumpkin carving almost done, its time we prepare for lunch.

Here we are!!! Now we have to wait for night time!!! Or to say it in a Halloween tone, we shall wait for darkness to come...

As night fell upon the land, our little pumpkin turned into a Jack O' Lantern...

What excellent timing too that our cat, Ginger is ready to mate! This is adding some Halloween feel in our home. She is constantly meowing and looking out of the window. This is spooking out Nh and L! I have to explain to both that it has nothing to do with Halloween. Anyway, my explanation didn't seem to clear things out for them.

Our plan so far is to go back to Malagos a day or 2 before the 31st  (the outlet near Assumption College, not the farm/ resort) buy pumpkin to once again carve. As, L and Nh will go trick or treating while A will cook and prepare the house for our return ! I wish she would go trick or treating though. What about you what will you be doing this Halloween?


  1. oooooh, i love the cat. alex, if she gives birth, can i ask for a kitten? hehehehe :)

  2. Hi Devi, I will let L read your comment she will be most delighted. I have been telling her that we can not have kittens because we might not be able to find homes for them :D

  3. i'm willing to adopt and my sister would love it too. we are BIG on cats. at my mom's house, we have around 5 of them...i want in my home. also as a pet for Saree :)

    i'm getting excited about this :)

  4. L is still trying her very best to convince me! Your comment here will boost her hopes and strengthen her argument.


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