Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Divide and Conquer

Because A and As have much academic work to cover I decided to bring L and Nh with me as I do my errands. On my way out around 9:30, I found As and A orking with their Math work. (Had to capture the moment again!)
What a delight to hear A explaining fractions to As.

L and Nh are going with me to do errands. This will give A and As time to peacefully finish their academic work and set the table before lunch. L and Nh were perfect little helpers to me! Of course this goes to say I did not have an errand in a place with breakables and I brought little snack and drink with me.We did a lot of talking too and some play time too.
We arrived home by 12 with the table set. Divide the group= more work done! Well, at least for today little ones together and big ones together worked!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 1 with a Brace

We got As a brace! Today is the first day she will be on a brace! Ideally she gets to wear it 23 out of 24 hours. I wanted to blog about the people we met at the bracing center Orthopedic Frey Far East Inc. after meeting them. I called this center back in February to ask about how they make the brace and how much it would cost. They said we needed a doctor's prescription to get a brace. I just want to look around, that's why I called. I was not serious about getting a brace, then. The doctor we were seeing back in January/ February felt that a brace at that time is too soon, he wanted to "wait and see". He describe how a brace will be made, how As will be fitted with a body cast etc etc. My husband agreed with the doctor that a brace was a bit extreme at that time and he wanted therapy. I wanted brace and therapy right away and whatever else is out there that my help my dear sweet girl.

Fast forward to 8 months later, numerous emails and 2 long distance phone calls, we are now seeing our 6th doctor and 4 x rays later, we are getting As a brace.

Here's As getting a body scan. The scanner had to be flown in from Cebu, this way As will not need a body cast. This convenient scanning is included in the price.

We got As arch supports too for her shoes. That's Jimbo from Orthopedic Frey getting a cast.

Group picture! I told As to enjoy her brace. I felt silly saying it but I meant it with all my heart! I want her to make the most of the experience. The guy from Cebu has a prosthetic leg and the young lady behind the counter also has a missing leg and is wearing a prosthetic leg. I want As to be positive and open like them! I wish now that we went to the center earlier even just to look. I might have been much more calmer. It was also Jimbo who pointed out to us that As has a flexible flat foot and we might want to get her arch supports.

(Update. Dec. 4, 2012. The Therapist in SOS Scoliosis Center agreed that As need arch supports and that the arch supports made and suggested by Jimbo of Orthopedic Frey are very good.)

I wish the following were included or built into the cost of the brace:
1. Torso Socks. I think at least 3 torso socks should be included and priced into the cost of the brace as you need it to be able to actually wear the brace. After all no matter how good the scanning and the brace is, its up to the wearer to comply. So why not put in the torso socks, its needed after all.
2. In brace x ray. Not required at all. I think it should be for how else can we be sure that the brace is working.
3. It would be cool if there was a meeting of families/ children who will be wearing a brace or is wearing a brace, specially for As age group.
Here we are Day 1 with a brace! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mommy Meet Up for September

I am so excited for the Mommy Meet Up next Saturday, September 22 from 10 am to 11:30 am at The POD. New mom, Althea will talk about her work Keepsakes for Little Hands and Feet
 Here we are planning.
 And Althea goes, "Should we have a raffle on the day and pick one baby so I can show them how it works?" Yes I am excited! Come on time on Saturday!!! Registration is a must to make sure that we all fit at The POD.

A tiny hand cast by Althea.
This tiny hand will keep growing
one day it will be held up to wave, 
will one day hold a pencil, 
will one day touch to comfort another, 
but for now this is how it is...
A tiny hand that will never again be tiny...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Book Finds

Oh happy happy happy reading is happening at out home now! Yesterday, while A was in singing class, I took As, L and Nh to NCCC Mall. And yes we have "new" books! Thanks to Book Shop in NCCC Mall!!!
I paid less than P600 for all these! I feel so very blessed!

I suppose you can tell which titles are my pick. The last time we bought a book, it cost more for this one book compared to all of these!  Still that last book we bought and read is so worth it so just imagine all these! We are reading away and I am not broke!!! Next time we go there I should take a picture of my little ones searching away.
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