Monday, August 6, 2012

Top 10 Advises

Here are the top 10 words of wisdom/ advises I got about scoliosis. I am not mocking my well meaning friends to whom I have poured my heart out. Nor am I bashing the 6 doctors we have consulted with so far. This is just a list of the "most said" to me:
  1. "We'll just wait and see and maybe bracing in the future." My follow up question, How far in the future? "It depends on the x ray we will have 3 to 6 months from now. Except for 1 doctor whom we have seen last week. He recommends bracing now. I think now we should have gone first to him.
  2. "Not everything you read online, Mrs Hao is true."
  3. "We have recommendations/ protocols in cases like this." (Said by 5 out of the 6 doctors).
  4.  "You won't see the effect of therapy right away." Follow up question from me, How long before I see the result if we do the exercise everyday? "It depends on your daughter's body."
  5.  "Don't worry about it! Scoliosis is so common."
  6.  "Yoga is good for scoliosis."
  7.  "Swimming is good for scoliosis."
  8.  "Pilates is good for scoliosis."
  9. "I have that" or "my friend/ sister/ office mate has scoliosis."
  10. "Its genetic."
I am not sharing my feelings on these remarks. This is just my list of what was "most said" to me. As still has a curved spine. I still pray every night that she is not one of the small percentage who will need surgery. I am still thinking if we should get another x ray just to see how the radiologist will read it this time. Maybe if we do this we can make up our minds on who to believe...

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