Thursday, August 9, 2012

Liquid Measurements & Tears

L is learning Liquid measurements! Same as before there was no point in pounding L to "get" the subject right away! We read what was said in her math book and took out the measuring cups. Then she declares "I really don't get it!" This is something that I notice not just with L but with my 2 older children too. They don't get a new math concept right away and so when its new we have to repeat and look for more real ways.

So I said, "Okay, maybe tomorrow you will get it". This reduce L to tears! This is where L differs from her older sisters at this age. She is more vocal and she cries right away despite expressing herself to the fullest! She still ends up crying! Hugging usually diffuses the situation for L. Being tough on her makes her cry some more and its not like she ends up "getting" the lesson faster. It just becomes a high strung drama math lesson!

Next day, with measuring cups in front of us, I showed her this video and she refuse to sing along saying its too cheesy and corney, then she cried again! So, we ended up talking about why its important to at least get that an ounce is way way "smaller" than a gallon etc. we also talked about storing breast milk and babies tummies, ice cream and yogurt etc. and of course I had to sing the song myself which made L embarrass even though no one else is in the room with us. I found the song and I think its a good way to at least become familiar with the words and some memory recall! She really did not join in my singing.

On our third attempt/ day, we measured water in different containers L was no longer teary eyed. On our fourth day/ attempt at understanding liquid measurement we made some flash cards and label cut outs to represent an ounce, cup, pint, quart and gallon.

Using paper bag instead of new paper. Our little effort to use, reuse and recycle!
 Now, I feel and think she got it. Maybe next year or two years from now, we will go back to this and I will ask her how many ounces there are in a gallon or something like that.  For now, I think she "gets" how plenty a cup is compared to an ounce and a gallon has a lot more cups in it than a pint. I asked her to keep her chart in her black portfolio for future use.


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    1. Thank you Jenny, I am happy that you enjoy reading them. I am writting about our homeschooling so I have "evidence" that I am doing something and not just lounging around :D

  2. Hi! I'll answer the question you posted in our FB group here ha. :) How about baking or cooking something and doubling, tripling etc the measurements so you can go up to a gallon? Or maybe I just don't know my math so this suggestion is useless haha! :D We're reading Life of Fred (a math curriculum, have you heard of it?), and it's really about the application of math in daily life.

    And I'm curious how old L is! When do they start finding thing cheesy and corny? Gasp! Hehe.

    1. Hi Mariel, Thank you. L is into baking so I though this would be easy for her but it was not. I have not heard of "Life of Fred" I will check it out. Thank you. L is 8 and I think its because she has older siblings that she got to make judgements on what is cheesy and corney this early or maybe its in her nature. She is a very matter of fact type. :D


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