Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bugs! Bugs!! Bugs!!!

What started out with  worksheets has grown into this big idea of catching and identifying bugs. We started in our small backyard but did not get to find any bugs! Obviously we do not know where to look. And maybe because it rained the night before and the budgs were still hiding?

So I took A, As, L and Nh to the vacant lot outside out house in search of bugs. Its an empty lot but As and L said its the Elvin Forest! We even talk in whisper. This way we do not disturb the place and the beings that dwell in it. Ooooooh so Lord of the Rings and Spiderwick Chronicles.

They also trek up Kitty Litter Island! Imagine that.

We did find bugs and caught 2. Now we need stuff like a killing jar and everything else in this insect collector kit, except the book! So I shall be making a list of what the kit has and we are going to troop to Amesco for some supplies. I shall see which one is cheaper too. Maybe Victoria Plaza toy department has something to offer too.

During our time in "The Elvin Forest" (a grand total of about 25 minutes) I got the chance to show my children what my playmates and I use to do with the brown stuff that come from the tip of the banana leaf.
Question: A banana is a tree? shrub? What is it?

Now we are cooking up a Science Project and a picnic! Goals: Each of my children will collect, identify, maybe even draw beautifully and  preserve a bug(s).  A said, "The word is Entomology!" I am excited for the bug collection processes and the picnic that is necessary for bug collection! Also I want to see the bugs framed!

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