Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bugs! Bugs!! Bugs!!!

What started out with  worksheets has grown into this big idea of catching and identifying bugs. We started in our small backyard but did not get to find any bugs! Obviously we do not know where to look. And maybe because it rained the night before and the budgs were still hiding?

So I took A, As, L and Nh to the vacant lot outside out house in search of bugs. Its an empty lot but As and L said its the Elvin Forest! We even talk in whisper. This way we do not disturb the place and the beings that dwell in it. Ooooooh so Lord of the Rings and Spiderwick Chronicles.

They also trek up Kitty Litter Island! Imagine that.

We did find bugs and caught 2. Now we need stuff like a killing jar and everything else in this insect collector kit, except the book! So I shall be making a list of what the kit has and we are going to troop to Amesco for some supplies. I shall see which one is cheaper too. Maybe Victoria Plaza toy department has something to offer too.

During our time in "The Elvin Forest" (a grand total of about 25 minutes) I got the chance to show my children what my playmates and I use to do with the brown stuff that come from the tip of the banana leaf.
Question: A banana is a tree? shrub? What is it?

Now we are cooking up a Science Project and a picnic! Goals: Each of my children will collect, identify, maybe even draw beautifully and  preserve a bug(s).  A said, "The word is Entomology!" I am excited for the bug collection processes and the picnic that is necessary for bug collection! Also I want to see the bugs framed!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Liquid Measurements & Tears

L is learning Liquid measurements! Same as before there was no point in pounding L to "get" the subject right away! We read what was said in her math book and took out the measuring cups. Then she declares "I really don't get it!" This is something that I notice not just with L but with my 2 older children too. They don't get a new math concept right away and so when its new we have to repeat and look for more real ways.

So I said, "Okay, maybe tomorrow you will get it". This reduce L to tears! This is where L differs from her older sisters at this age. She is more vocal and she cries right away despite expressing herself to the fullest! She still ends up crying! Hugging usually diffuses the situation for L. Being tough on her makes her cry some more and its not like she ends up "getting" the lesson faster. It just becomes a high strung drama math lesson!

Next day, with measuring cups in front of us, I showed her this video and she refuse to sing along saying its too cheesy and corney, then she cried again! So, we ended up talking about why its important to at least get that an ounce is way way "smaller" than a gallon etc. we also talked about storing breast milk and babies tummies, ice cream and yogurt etc. and of course I had to sing the song myself which made L embarrass even though no one else is in the room with us. I found the song and I think its a good way to at least become familiar with the words and some memory recall! She really did not join in my singing.

On our third attempt/ day, we measured water in different containers L was no longer teary eyed. On our fourth day/ attempt at understanding liquid measurement we made some flash cards and label cut outs to represent an ounce, cup, pint, quart and gallon.

Using paper bag instead of new paper. Our little effort to use, reuse and recycle!
 Now, I feel and think she got it. Maybe next year or two years from now, we will go back to this and I will ask her how many ounces there are in a gallon or something like that.  For now, I think she "gets" how plenty a cup is compared to an ounce and a gallon has a lot more cups in it than a pint. I asked her to keep her chart in her black portfolio for future use.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Excitingly Rich and Real!

My golly look what I found in my "neighbor's" counter. I mean neighbor in Plaza del Carmen. Two shops away from The POD is Human Nature.  I was there to get our bath supplies and while paying I saw CHOCOLATES!!! I had to buy! There were many reasons to buy chocolate that day!
We did not have dessert for dinner last Friday night and As moved on to the next song in her Suzuki Violin Book etc! Plus how can you resist not trying out: Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo and Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Mangang Hilaw- EXCITING!!!
Oh why didn't I buy more!?
We divided the bar into 8 and each family member had a slice! A really tiny slice!!! The first we tried was Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo! Oh it surely lived up to my excitement! Except for NH who ate it it with out feeling any apprehension like the rest of us who was either nervous or had their food critic mode turned on. I was so giddy and all smiles watching the rest of my family try it.The Dark Chocolate with siling labuyo was deep tasting and spicy! Nh had to drink water which made all his sisters laugh. Despite it being spicy in no way did I recall curry or soy sauce with kalamansi and sili plus barbecue. It was spicy in an inoffensive chocolate sense. I knew it was chocolate and it tasted rich. The spicy flavor came after I tasted rich chocolate. I have to say a little goes a long way for this one!

The Dark Chocolate with Mangang Hilaw (Green Mango) and Sea Salt had more texture and yes you can taste the salt and the green mango with out the chocolate getting lost in all that! I seriously like this one! I am thinking of buying this again. I can seriously recall the taste! How salt was discovered by my taste buds in all that rich tasting chocolate! Oh you must try this!
Now, I must try the other flavors too!!! I am just so excited I hope they have this on stock this Saturday! It's a big step away from the usual milk chocolaty over sweet chocolates that are available in the grocery. As I said this two were Excitingly rich and real!
To celebrate Kadayawan in our home I must bring home new flavors of Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates!

Note: This is not a paid advertisement. I was not approached by the seller in anyway.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Top 10 Advises

Here are the top 10 words of wisdom/ advises I got about scoliosis. I am not mocking my well meaning friends to whom I have poured my heart out. Nor am I bashing the 6 doctors we have consulted with so far. This is just a list of the "most said" to me:
  1. "We'll just wait and see and maybe bracing in the future." My follow up question, How far in the future? "It depends on the x ray we will have 3 to 6 months from now. Except for 1 doctor whom we have seen last week. He recommends bracing now. I think now we should have gone first to him.
  2. "Not everything you read online, Mrs Hao is true."
  3. "We have recommendations/ protocols in cases like this." (Said by 5 out of the 6 doctors).
  4.  "You won't see the effect of therapy right away." Follow up question from me, How long before I see the result if we do the exercise everyday? "It depends on your daughter's body."
  5.  "Don't worry about it! Scoliosis is so common."
  6.  "Yoga is good for scoliosis."
  7.  "Swimming is good for scoliosis."
  8.  "Pilates is good for scoliosis."
  9. "I have that" or "my friend/ sister/ office mate has scoliosis."
  10. "Its genetic."
I am not sharing my feelings on these remarks. This is just my list of what was "most said" to me. As still has a curved spine. I still pray every night that she is not one of the small percentage who will need surgery. I am still thinking if we should get another x ray just to see how the radiologist will read it this time. Maybe if we do this we can make up our minds on who to believe...

Friday, August 3, 2012

Big Hit Book

This is what we started reading early this evening!!  Bought this in Fully Booked this morning! I can smell a good book even when its wrapped! This one is turning out to be great!
Laugh out loud to the fullest! Its a hit in our home! All 4 of them, ages 15, 12, 8 and 4 are all ears! We'll probably be done by tomorrow night! I will bring this with me in my computer bag tomorrow morning! They might read ahead of me!!!

Topics that we can we can dig deeper:
Vincent van Gogh/ Sunflowers
Genghis Khan
Geography: Mongolia, UK
A touch of human rights political stuff too. L, who is 8 years old asked me with much concern,  "Can that immigration do that to me now?" So tomorrow we will talk about citizenship and why we have a passport. I am off to bed now. I am super excited for my breakfast meeting and the mommy meet up at The POD tomorrow from 9 to 10:30.
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