Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I need and got to talk to someone...

I could not sleep last night! What's going to happen to my gentle As! How come nobody cares!?! What to do! I can not sleep! I called Spinal Dynamics. I have been looking at their site! Its not like we are going but how come we have nothing like this here in Davao City! The largest city in world (in terms of land area)!!!
Rant! Rant! Rant!
My call was answered by a woman named Heather and she asked me all the information she could get about As's condition. She was calm and interested very different from reassuring and dismissive notes I have been getting where I am!
Rant! Rant! Rant!
They have a 5 day one on one program (will 5 days be enough? In the book The Schroth Method they use to do therapy for 3 months!?!)
I had questions about bracing! Heck from 20 degrees in January we are now up to 28 degrees and its only July! In a few days As will turn 12 and then what? Growth spurt more curving! Waaaaah!!!
I wanted braces back in January! Even though the braces we saw at the first Rehab place that we went to was a big turn off!
It was premature to get a brace in January now what?
Heather handed the phone over to a Physical Therapist named Cindy. And her answer to my questions:
Yes get a brace!
She should have gotten a brace as we should be expecting agrowth spurt etc etc etc...
We should get an in brace x ray. If its a good fit, we should see a 50% reduction in her curve when wearing the brace.
There could be as high as a 5 degree error margin in when it comes to reading the x ray! WHAT!!!?? I am going to search for body brace for my As!
More research!!!
My dear husband does not like the thought of getting As a body brace! We have to brainstorm too!!!


  1. oh no. i wish i could help you alex but i have no idea what it is about. be strong lex. you can handle this. you and your husband are great parents. and As is also a strong woman. she'll go through this :)


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