Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finally! He Not Only Shows Me Some Interest...

He stays and finishes 3 pages!
My 4 year old, Nh finally held a pencil (crayon actually) and wanted to "do math". The thing is, he has said this before and I did sit with him, once with a blank paper, then with a notebook, with a scratch paper, with a workbook and he would leave me in less than 10 seconds!
This time he remained seated and went on scribbling using L's old workbook. He was even giving me instructions on what to do! He was talking and talking while "working".

He named all the animals we colored. Cooperated when I asked him the sound of each animal (totally new) and agreed when I gave him instructions based on the instructions of the book. I tried to cover as much ground:
by writing the names he assigned to the animals (Whitty for the horse he is coloring etc)- for letter recognition
naming the colors we were holding - color recognition
and allowing/ indulging him to talk and talk while coloring- so he will stay longer at the task!

I don't think he'll remember much of what I was at! The colors, the letters and the reading instruction. Still I feel the need to do it! When we were coloring an apple Nh said this is red. Then he looked alarmed and said, "Don't touch that! Its the apple of the witch and you are most beautiful girl in the world, the witch will poison you!" Whoa!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

So seriously cute! We went on talking about Snow White while coloring and I went on saying it was impossible and why we should not willingly accept food from strangers and how I can manage to fight the witch... Talk talk talk until we finished the page and it was time to join the sisters for some snack.
A milestone for Nh!!! I am so thrilled! Can I now claim that I have been patient? At least in waiting for Nh to be ready???

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