Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crying over the Curve

As doing Fig. 187 from the book
"Three Dimentional Treatment for Scoliosis"
Cried when I got home after having dinner with 2 of my childhood friends. I am thinking about As and her curved spine. I went online and read, cried some more, chated with my friend in SG. Read some more info on scoliosis cried again. Thought really hard. Pondered. Fell asleep. Woke up, cried, searched on line again and read again! From 20 degrees its now 28 degrees. From mild scoliosis my daughter now has moderate scoliosis! Yes I know its been a while since the x rays revealed this but  its eating me up now.
We have stopped doing the therapy that was previously prescribed and are simply doing The Schroth Exercises and keeping a diary. I was really hopeful I would find a physical therapist here who would be willing to take on the challenge of helping my As using the Schroth Book and not the ussual therapy  but it has not happen until now. One physical therapist assigned to my daughter turns out to be a student told me that she is too busy with school work to read the schroth book (which I was still about to order online at that time) and if it is not prescribed by the doctor they can not do it?! DUH!!!
I am not trying to teach these professionals what to do. I am begging for help, for my child. No body I know died of scoliosis. A number of my friends have it and they are wonderful happy people. So far As curve is not putting her life at risk but if the curve moves at this rate then she will end up needing surgery which then carries its own risk! What is available in terms of the therapy we had, obviously did not work out as I expected. Of course it can be argued that if we did not exercise the curve could be worse!?? Am I suppose to feel better with this!? Now, old exercises are out and The Shroth Excercises are in! Or atleast what we could understand. Really working in the dark here!

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