Friday, June 29, 2012

Violin Hunting

Oh its a milestone! I was all giddy and excited to start the day for my dear As last Tuesday. She is upgrading to a full size violin! We saw one at JB Music in SM for P22,650. The guy said it was on sale so price was down to P15, 855. I was thinking we should buy that and wrap it up an surprise As, but when I sent Teacher Chrissie (violin teacher) a text message , she said she would like to come when we buy and that we should try the violin first before buying. Not knowing anything about violins I decided this was an excellent idea.
We decided to meet up at SM at 10 am so she and As can try out the violin. I had my camera with me. Being homeschoolers we don't have program/ ceremonies that would mark milestones like this, so this violin hunting trip with Teacher Chrissie must be photographed and celebrated. Teacher Chrissie tuned the violin and played a bit and As tried it and played a bit. Then they tried a cheaper one. I heard discriptive words like the sound is sharp, sounds hard (matigas), this one sounds more loose (maluwang). This one breaks (bumibigay).

The main difference between the 15k violin and the 6k violin is the weight. The 15k is lighter and had a little bit more grains in the wood. We left SM without a violin. She wanted to check out another store. While chatting in the car, I learned that we have a violin maker/ luthier here in the Philippines. His name is Amador Tamayo and he is in Bulacan. Imagine that! We can actually visit this guy next time we go to North!!! Also we can get good violins and violin parts online at  The String Department.

Our second stop was Better Components in Juan Luna Street. We saw a 14k violin and a 7k violin. Teacher Chrissie had to assemble one of the violins as it was still "naked" inside its box.

 As was trying on a 3rd violin and by this time my excitement level was hoovering towards the thought "Don't tell me we'll be going home with out a violin?" There seems to be so many considerations: Wood grain, Color, Price,Weight, Sound- which to me isn't something tangible, but was real for Teacher Chrissie and As. I was really missing out on the sound quality as A can relate and was even taking down notes.
I asked teacher Chrissie and As how would they would know its the right violin?
The answer to my question: "Its the right violin when it responds to you."
WHOA! My eyes would have dropped to the floor if they could just bounce out of my eye sockets!
She said it in a matter of fact tone and as if the vagueness was not enough, As said, "like a wand mom ba." Oh there we go!!! Now thats more unclear to me!!! Harry Potter wandlore! My golly!!!

Finally As chooses her violin and was all smiles. I called my husband to tell him to join us since we were near his work place already. I want to remember this day forever! My 2nd baby choosing an instrument she has fallen in love with and wants to master.

I will be forever grateful to Teacher Chrissie for the time she spent with us and for teaching my child something that I know I can not do at all.

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