Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Huh!?! What is this about?

While preparing for Mommy Sense Meet Up last Saturday, my daughter A, who's about to turn 15 in a few weeks picked up a leaflet and started reading it then asks, "What's this about?"

The leaflet to me, is obviously Formula (Infant/ Follow On Milk) Advertising, despite the fact that:
1. It did not have a logo, (I am not sure if the owl is counted as a logo?)
2. There was NO name of the formula/ brand/ company
3. Not even the word formula appeared on the glossy leaflet!

I could tell it was formula because, well what else could it be, check out the gold ribbon + the way the words "ask your doctor" was written!

It dawned on me that I had product recall, while my daughter did not!!! My daughter grew up with very minimal TV and at a time when follow on milk is being advertised but not infant formula! And the baby in the picture though not a new born can very well be less than a year old! Not exactly the ones you see in Follow On Milk Ads.
Leaflet A

My daughter wanted to know who wrote it and what it was all about! To her there was no information on how to handle the matter. In her opinion the baby in the leaflet should go to the hospital/ emergency room and be admitted with his/her mother and not to the doctors clinic after all as you can read the baby has the following symptoms:
Leaflet A                                                                  Leaflet B
Are Warning Signs of Lactose Intolerance               Are Warning Signs of Cows Milk Protein Allergy
Diarrhea                                                                    Rashes
Tummy Pain                                                              Bloody Stool
Gassiness or kabag                                                    Colic
Nausea                                                                       Diarrhea/ Constipation
Bloated Tummy                                                         Spitting Out Food or Milk
                                                                                   Pale Complexion
                                                                                   Persistent Distress

Leaflet B
 My daughter wanted to know if all of the symptoms appeared at once? But then again how could diarreah and constipation happen simultaneously? "I can't be over reacting right? What's this leaflet about really?"
I asked my daughter what could be the product behind the leaflet?
"It does not say that's why I am asking you. It should be some medicine." - that is available at the doctor's clinic - but not the hospital? Hmmmm or shall I say TOINK!?

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Circumnavigating The Milk Code/ EO 51 just makes it more misleading! The symptoms mentioned above do merit immediate attention, specially the one in leaflet B, not a visit to the doctors clinic as suggested "ask your doctor". I will really ask my doctor this time!

Is the owl counted as a logo?

Here's Information on Milk Allergy. Take Note that Lactose Intolerance is not the same as Galactosemia.
Obviously the Milk Code is making it hard for companies like this to sell their product! They are in desperation! Still they manage to get this printed and distributed!

This is severely annoying at the least and definitely an out right crime! There is intent to reach a market group and the company behind this should not be doing this! What the leaflet says is they have an understanding with the doctor!?! What? This Milk Formula company has an understanding with all the doctors where you can find this leaflet?!? The Milk Code says NO to this!!!

Here's how I am taking this:
1. This is the reason why we must keep our Milk Code the way it is now, you can read more about it here! Milk Companies are for profit not for information drive. And the expensive product behind this FORMULA doesn't even come close to the real thing BREAST MILK!
2. I meet mothers who have no access to the Internet and they get hold of impressive materials like this! It is impressive in glossy hard stock paper (they do have the budget to do this).
3.  This material is not educational and merely sending out wrong instructions "ask your doctor". Just imagine:
your baby develops a rash in the early evening hours,
then your baby's stool has blood, and he/she also has diarrhea,
and spits up what he/she takes in (food or milk), becomes pale and is obviously in distress by 10 pm, Will you wait another 12 hours to "ask your doctor" in his clinic?

What is the glossy leaflet all about? I can't seem to decide if it is:
a. A waste of materials (ink, paper, add the carbon footprint for distribution)
b. Pointless mumbo jumbo that will really get the patient to "ask your doctor" about it
c. A violation of the milk code
So maybe its:
d. All of the above

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