Monday, May 21, 2012

I had a Good Plan for This Morning

Heck I even wrote down my plan for the morning and prayed for myself, for my children and yes for my plan!!!

After 15 minutes of Schroth Exercise with my 2nd girl AS, I sat down with my 3rd girl L around 9:00 to do her math (usual start and part of my plan).  My second daughter, AS went on the side to do her own Math Work (still part of the plan).

My eldest does her work independently and I rarely have to check up on her. Although I was seated with L, my mind wondered off to my little boy, NH. Who must have been in the room playing at this point. For sometime now I have been wondering if I ought to do something more to entice NH to hold a pencil and do some writing or drawing while sitting down. I tried but with no success and I don't want to push the issue since he is so young after all. I just can't help comparing him to the older children (all girls) who all seem to be ready to sit down and write.

After L finished the first page of her Math, NH came up to us saying he wants to do math too, but I have nothing to offer him. Obviously, this was not part of my plan! I told him to get a paper and pencil upstairs which he did. But I had no idea what we should do! In his short absence I decided we should just to science experiment since last week I did try to do some counting with him but he left me at the start of it!!! Science experiment was not at all part of my plan but NH was beginning to distract everybody! And Science was the only subject I can think of where all 3 of them can be actively together!

While AS and L were finishing their Math work I told NH to prepare for the experiment which he gladly did. This made the 2 older ones giggle but we had a dedicated little worker who got everything ready just in time (as soon as L finished and AS was half way thru Math work).

 I told him to look for stuff that he thinks will float and stuff that he thinks will sink! This is the second time I am using this science activity. The first time was about 6 years ago on our first year of homeschooling.- A was 8, AS 5 and L was 2 year old that time.

According to NH

Big sisters join in the experimenting. This is a rewind for As and L who both did this with older sister A 6 years ago.

This is the result of the experiment.

The experimenting made AS and L talk about icebergs as our real aloud now is "Star In the Storm" and Titanic. I also took the opportunity to bring up water displacement (I think As will be needing this in her math soon!)
Boat + Iceberg= Titanic came into the conversation too.
He picked up a chalk by himself and drew!!!

After the experiments NH started playing with the stuff he brought down while As and L wanted to do more science work and so they did! I sat down with them mostly to help AS.

 I told NH to throw the water in the grass and clean up. I had to make sure that none of the counting cubes were left in the pail!
 I planned for this morning and was prepared for a good and well spent morning. Instead, we all had a great morning!!! Instead of my plan happening (which did not), my prayers were answered! I did not even realize I was getting/ having all of what I brought up in prayer until it was all over!!!

How things unfolded was better than my plan! Now we even have an upcoming experiment. AS asked: What will melt first, salt water or fresh water?  I shall share the results soon...


  1. Looked like a lot of fun! Can I enroll in your class? =) Yes, the unplanned turns out better most of the time! =) With small kids, like with Ava now, I can never really plan but just improvise along the way...

  2. Hi Christine, Yes I was prepared but I shifted with the tide. You are right! I find that I can plan and set things to motion but I must improvise along the way.


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