Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baby Wearing Meet Up Today

Oh what a blessed, happy, busy, empowering morning it turned out to be. As I said the coming Mommy Meet Up is a bit different today! We had a total of 42 people, not counting the babies!!!

How wonderful it all turned out to be! 
So what happens in a Baby Wearing Meet Up?

 We started with a short talk on why its a good idea and then safety then we sampled the different carriers- MUST TRY!!! The different carriers all have their ups and downs.

 A number of moms already own carriers that were given to them, they bought online and even abroad, but were too scared or simply couldn't figure out how to use it!

I wish I could post all the pictures here! I am so glad for that Jenny, Jen and Jonie came over! 
The 3 Js are a blessing to everyone in The POD this morning!

We had our picture taking at the end of each group. Here's our first group. We started around 9:25 and ended a little over the time we set.

And our 2nd group started at 11:05 and like thie first group we were a little over our time!

We ended both groups with a group picture! I hope we can do this again by August (I am seriously dreaming when I say this!). Most delighted with all the mommies and babies who came to The POD this morning. Hurray for baby wearing!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing Lex! I'm excited too and syempre, special for me for Davao mommies to have all the resources available! ;) Sabi ko kay Stan na cebu nga sunod! ;)

  2. Yes! Definitely plan one on August coz we are most likely going home already - for two weeks! =)

  3. Thank you too Jenny! Yes you should go to Cebu! Sama ako :D

  4. Yes Christine, I am looking forward!


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