Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Academic Plan

I seem to come up with 'academic plans' on a quarterly basis. But its most pronounce at this time of year. Old habits don't completely die: end of summer = start of school year.

I do like this planning thing and it gives me a chance to reflect on where we are and what can be done.  My children are classified by the Department of Education as out of school youths. The label seems fair, although they are being taught at home in an unhurried manner, they are still, not in school. When I say unhurried I simply mean no threats or coercion nor grades or tests! My child may not get what's in front of her/ him now but it doesn't mean:
a. my child will never get it
b. my child should cry be rude or be upset
c. I will get mad and/or disappointed and/ or angry.

I will get upset and/or disappointed and/or angry if you give me bad attitude while working on a difficult task. We will/ shall get back to the matter at hand some other time and/ or make it apply to real life so it will make sense to my child.

We do not have a school year. Still, we do plan the year,  project the expenses and we do the actual work. We did not really take a summer break. We just carried on with what we started in January or where we sort of ended from last year.
I do set up an adjustable and realistic time frame! I like doing academics in the morning and leave the afternoons free for my kids. This way I have time for my other work. Or some days we do errands in the morning and check out stuff then rest and read in the afternoons.

So far here's what my children are working on:

Nh, 4 years old
Mostly walks around the house, eats, plays with cat and/ or the dog. But he does have exclusive reading time just before he naps in the afternoon, around 1:30. He picks a book and I read it to him in my room where is dark and cold, away from the sisters.

L, 8 years old

Writing- she wants to learn cursive now. These books are hand me down from the 2 older sisters. And we do writing about 15 minutes a day. I sit with her and watch her do about 2 to 3 pages. I tend to correct on the spot. I think this is effective, but then we also tend to talk in between working a lot.

Very unstructured! If she likes to write colors or lets say, animal then so be it. My logic is that, maybe that's what matters to her now. So if she is interested in the subject and she wants to write then she will most likely get the strokes faster.

Catechism- hand me down from the 2 older sisters too. As joins us sometimes.
Science- L is doing this with As. So far we have done 2 experiments since we started 3 weeks ago.

As, 12 years old
Catechism and Science are with L. Although As is done with her First Communion, I think its just nice to review.We do science once or twice a week only.

English- Vocabulary Workshop Level A by Jerome Shostak. This text/ workbook was highly recommended by A. We got this from Kolbe Academy 2 years ago.
So far As seems to like it too.

A, 14 years old
Math- Goal is to finish this by 2nd week August and move on to Geometry
Literature- Shakespeare until August. Thanks to Fully Booked in Abreeza they have this super friendly Shakespeare Series and A enjoys them a lot!

What I want to add and are discussing with my husband are the following:
Sequential Spelling for L
Language Arts and Grammar  for As level D, E or F will probably work and for A level G. I can't decide if I should wait until August or get this now?
Buy Chemistry for A by September. This prompted my husband to ask, "You believe in creation theory?" The answer is No! I do not believe in creation theory. The reason I am opting for this is because the home school provider have an all in science set! Others don't. Besides, as Aristotle said, "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." We are still thinking about this and A has her reservations. My problem with getting just a chemistry book with instructions is how I will source the chemicals/ materials needed.

What about extra curricular activities? Starting with my eldest:
A will carry on with her ballet, is now thinking of singing and the piano. I am making her choose which one matters more to her.
As, we are both struggling to figure out the Schroth Exercises. She will do ballet to help with her hip turn out and be with other children with in her age group. Carry on with her violin lessons and maybe badminton on Saturdays.
L, I shall look for a badminton group for her. Saturday afternoons will be good so she can be with other children her age and maybe Nh can join her?

Also A should be able to play soccer with Nh and As should be able to teach A piano... Hmmm I will go talk to them about this...
Finally, I am thinking of enrolling A and As in a Animation Course every Friday with other homeschoolers? I still have to check this out and the ALS too. This is what we are up too and the the plan so far...

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  1. Yeah!!! Shakespeare!!! ^_^ Hahaha!!! Nice post :)


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