Friday, April 20, 2012

Working Blind

I am just super happy that the book finally arrived! I am trying my very best to stay positive and approach every exercise as a trial and error thing. I made a weekly chart. I will try to wait until July before having an xray. I am not sure if I get the exercises right some of them are really difficult. I don't get RAB completely??! Thing is, no one here can tell me if I understand it right. I still have to show this to my sister in law who is a PT and to my dear daughter's doctor and her chiropractor. I feel like I am working in the dark here. But I have to do something for my daughter. I really can not sit back and "relax"/ wait and see! She is cooperative and our schroth exercise sessions are turning out to be our time together. Although she sometimes cry!  Hope the curve does not progress. My biggest wish is that the curve is reduced!

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