Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Favorite Pocket Book

Like all my past other favorite pocket books this one swept me off my feet and totally carried me away!!! It is my most reread pocket book of all time and the one I recommend the most. It surpasses all my highly recommended pocket books. There's a whole lot of love in it without mentioning the word love even once! I love it so much I have printed 25 copies of it and put the in clear books!
Newborn Care Until First Week of Life Clinical Practice Pocket Guide by the WHO Western Pacific Region, UNICEF and the Department Of Health 
 Update: The link on top is not working. I do not know why. You can read the pocket guide here.

Here are my favorite parts:
page x Guideline Development - so this pocket book is not some sentimental thing but based on intelligent research and backed by "The DOH, WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, POGS,  Philippine Society and Newborn Medicine,  Save the Children, the academe and other stake holders." See!!! This book is super. As a teen, some 15 years ago, Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice thrilled me, just imagine how many Mr Darcy (s) and Elizabeth Benet (s) came together for this? Yeah , I am getting carried away again!
This pocket book has 7 parts.
I. Immediate Newborn Care {The First 90 Minutes}
Oh wow!!! I do have 90 minutes with my baby! No rush to weigh him/her. Personally, I thought I was so lucky even spoiled to be able to hold my baby and breastfeed after birth. Turns out I am not! As its the way to go after all!

II.  Essential Newborn Care from 90 minutes to 6 hours.
Page 7 starts with the Time Band , then Intervention: Give Vitamin K
Oh heck, Vitamin K etc. can wait! I remember 14 years ago, the first time ever in my entire life to ever breastfeed my first baby, was interrupted by Vitamin K shot. And I thought it could not wait. My daughter who was latched on really well wailed! But I thought it could not wait! My healthy beautiful, full term baby girl might bleed to death if we wait! Silly isn't it?

III. Care Prior to Discharge {but after the first 90 minutes}
My favorite line is in Page 11, "do not discharge if baby is not feeding well." What issues would this hold in a private hospital? I am no expert I am just wondering?

IV. Care after Discharge to 7 days
My favorite line page 17, "Reassure her that she has enough breast milk for her baby's needs." and page 18, "Do not give bottles or pacifiers" - Oh need I say more!!!

V. Additional Care- is the part I felt most hesitant to read. The thought that my baby or any baby would need resuscitation is just too spooky. But surprise awaits at page 25! Talk about Kangaroo Mother Care, cup feeding and I think this has the saddest part of the book page 27, When mother and baby are separated...Hu hu hu!!!

VI. Enabling the Environment for some reason it  felt like I was reading a recipe instruction. But there was no mention of food. This is the part of the book that least interested me but I find most reassuring.

VII. Equipment Supplies Maintenance Checklist. Yes this is a checklist! And part of the list states, Page 38, "Delivery bed that supports the woman in a semi-sitting position..." Horray!!!!
Its such a relief for me not to read something like, new sharp, never been used before blade for shaving... Waaaaaaaa!!!
The last 6 pages of the book are core references. This part I still did not get to read. Maybe one day when I am looking for something specific!

I think every parent to be in the entire Philippine archipelago must read this! Its realistic! No added cost to new parents or the birth place. Best for all parties concerned! Keep in mind that the book is written for health professionals and not for parents to be,  which makes it even better!!! You can borrow a copy of this at The POD. Just fill out a library card and you can have this for 15 days. Please make sure you return it on time so we don't have to call you. Please don't loose it so you don't have to buy a new clear book to replace it. To save you this hassle why don't you download and print it yourself and share it to others. I think this pocket book will be part of our county's history. So go spread the love, spread the word, awaken the people ala Noli Me Tangere! Here I am getting carried away again. But seriously this is a must read! Enjoy :)

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