Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reflecting on Someone Else's Test Score

Wouldn't it be so much better to hug a 7 year old child than to scream and rant and honk out ones frustration at breakfast time (6:45 am)  about an 8/30 score in God knows what subject? Maybe I am just so not academic?! Really shaken and sad by what I unintentionally over heard this morning. Must stop describing what I over heard as I don't like this post to be a gossip. But my heart is aching. I am just about to go upstairs and do academic work with my little ones. I am shaking off my sadness and wonder at how things are working for others.

 Maybe, because my children are not in school that I am not so hot about the scores. So I will try and understand how things are for others. I pray that I will not forget compassion. Maybe, I am meant to hear those harsh words, though not directed to me or my children. I pray that I will not forget that character is more important that a recorded score. May I be kind and gentle in times of failure as I am giddy and cheerful in times of success...
Do help me out. I need reinforcement as I am always over hearing this sort of negativity. Kindly write a comment on what you would do if your child comes home with a very low test score? Do state your child's age. I suppose its different with a 7 year old as to a 14 year old- should it be?


  1. I can propose an insight into the other mother's thoughts, for I am one of those mothers that do look at scores.

    Often, it is not the score, per se, that causes the anger; it is the reason for the score.

    Why did the child get 8/30? Was the test poorly designed? Was the teacher completely incompetent?

    Or did the score reflect a child's disobedience, a child's laziness, a child's choosing to play computer games when he should have been studying?

    We are here on Earth to glorify our Heavenly Father, who gave us enough time, enough talent, to do our God-given work and to do it well. If, in childhood, we form the habit of not doing our tasks to the best of our ability, what sort of Christian face shall we be showing to the world?

    Of course, all these truly depend on circumstances. Perhaps the child did study hard. Perhaps he listened to his teacher dutifully. Perhaps the test was truly poorly designed.

    Only the child and his mother will know.

  2. PS: My schooling child is aged 7. He is in first grade. We are on our first year of homeschooling.

  3. Hi Blessie, Thank you so much. I agree with you that it is not the score but why the low score. I was not sad because the mother wanted more, it was how the message was delivered, the language used, the tone in her voice and the shaming that went with it that made me sad. Anyway, I am not really involved. Best I leave it and learn from it. Thank you very much.

  4. There once was a time in college that I failed a whole subject. I wasn't a mediocre student. I was from time to time a Dean's Lister. I tried the hardest to study for the finals. But I misread the instructions and I failed.
    I remember my mom really mad at me. She said mean stuff like I was so fat (I was fat then) "umabot na yang taba mo sa utak mo... kaya ka bumagsak."
    I don't know why she said that. Maybe because I wouldn't talk to her. She kept on asking me why I failed. And I wouldn't speak. She somehow saw that as being indifferent, like I didn't care flunking the subject. But in reality, I didn't speak because it was too painful to talk about it.
    Don't get me wrong. My mom was the best mom. But that incident scarred me for life. It was only now that I ever talked about it. And I'm still crying thinking about it sometimes.


  5. Hi Alex. Maybe you will find something here that will resonate with you.

  6. Oh Roxanne, I am very sorry. I know what you mean. You were in college when this happened. I can imagine your mom's frustration too, not that I am saying she is right in her choice of words. The child this morning was 7 years old. Maybe this child will forget. Thank you so much for sharing this. I want to cry with you. We'll both be better. Let's have hope for this child.

  7. Hi, The Learning Basket, thank you so much. Read the link. Thank you :)


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