Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Girl and her Kitten

While washing some dishes a few days ago I heard my dear L whistling and cooing and talking with an instructional tone. I looked up and saw this. And so I ran to get my camera.
 Turns out our little foundling is a boy. The vet also explained that the kitten's blue eyes might/ most likely change as he gets older, so my dear L renamed her kitten, Simpkin. She feeds this tiny kitten, sings to it, cleans the litter box, strokes her after feeding (as instructed by our vet) and spends time to exercise him.
 This is one thing my dear L would not have time to do if we sent her to school. She looked so peaceful, so relaxed. She's learning cat behaviour, cat anatomy (this weeks science), commitment and responding to the call of this tiny kitten even when she does not feel like it.


What more can I ask from L. She asked for Jelly Beans last Friday. She's officially 8 years old. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Malungay Chocolate Chip

The Malungay Chocolate Chip Cookies we had during the January Mommy Meet Up at The POD came from this book.

 Given by the best person in the world/almost like a dad/ confessor, Fr Ed Wood to my mom. Now I have it and am wrecking the book slowly but surely. Here's the original recipe.

 I literally turned this recipe green- by adding Malungay leaves. The want for more milk for me and the desire to trick my 3rd daughter into eating more greens prompted this. I grew up with this recipe, even experimented with it several times with varying results.

Now, we call this cookie, Malungay Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Here's what I do now.

Step 1, Harvest Malungay Leaves, Wash, Dry and Bake in low heat. They should come out dry, crispy and still green. I can keep this for about 3 days. I suppose can be more but I've never tried it.

Step 2, Sift together:
2 c flour
1tsp Baking Soda 

Step 3, In a bowl, mix together
1/2 c Oats
1 c Crushed Malungay Leaves
1 c chopped Nuts (Almonds or Walnuts, your choice)
200 grams Chopped Chocolate
Let's call this dry ingredients

Step 4, Beat the following ingredients:
1 c butter
1 c brown sugar
2 tsp vanilla (optional)
Let's call this butter mixture

Step 5, Crack open 2 eggs and add in Butter mixture.
Step 6, Mix in your dry ingredient.

Scoop out your cookie dough using a small ice cream scooper. Put in ungreased cookie sheet. About an inch apart. Bake for bout 8 to 12 minutes. Makes about 45 cookies

Sometimes I add flax seed. I just take out 1/4 c flour and add 1/4 c flax seed. Experiment! Make it your own. Enjoy!!!

Reflecting on Someone Else's Test Score

Wouldn't it be so much better to hug a 7 year old child than to scream and rant and honk out ones frustration at breakfast time (6:45 am)  about an 8/30 score in God knows what subject? Maybe I am just so not academic?! Really shaken and sad by what I unintentionally over heard this morning. Must stop describing what I over heard as I don't like this post to be a gossip. But my heart is aching. I am just about to go upstairs and do academic work with my little ones. I am shaking off my sadness and wonder at how things are working for others.

 Maybe, because my children are not in school that I am not so hot about the scores. So I will try and understand how things are for others. I pray that I will not forget compassion. Maybe, I am meant to hear those harsh words, though not directed to me or my children. I pray that I will not forget that character is more important that a recorded score. May I be kind and gentle in times of failure as I am giddy and cheerful in times of success...
Do help me out. I need reinforcement as I am always over hearing this sort of negativity. Kindly write a comment on what you would do if your child comes home with a very low test score? Do state your child's age. I suppose its different with a 7 year old as to a 14 year old- should it be?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

From Bat to Cat

I love homeschooling, how things seem natural and continuous and connected etc etc etc...But golly me!  We have another pet!!! Last week up until Tuesday we were learning about bats. As and L wanted a quiz from the book we were using and so we wrapped things up with a quiz. It seemed way more calmer, logical and realistic than the first suggestion they made which was to catch a bat and keep it as a pet!!!
Last night there was a squeaky sound outside our house and L insisted it must be a bat. This morning as we all hopped into the car to take big sister Am to school, the squeaking was still on. So L concluded it could be that the bat was trapped or its flight membrane isn't functioning. About 30 minutes later we are back and L went closer to where the sound was coming from and found a tiny dirty kitten.
Now she wants to keep it!!! I recall what it was like for me more that 20 years ago, when we were living in the Matina area, I was walking to school and hearing what I thought/ believed must be a Philippine Eagle but was really a black and white kitten shivering in the vacant lot. I wanted to pick it up and run home and care for the kitten but the school bell was ringing and I can't be late!!!
"Oh mommy please it needs help!" plus "Its so cute,I feel sorry it lost its mommy!" How can I resist?

The kitten's eyes were shut and it had soil in it and soil in its nose- not attractive at all! Next thing I know I was feeding it with a syringe and next i gave it a quick bath. My dear husband suggested that I should use warm water since the poor thing was left alone all night and must be cold. I kinda thought of that but brushed it aside thinking, that human babies have survived unnecessary separation from mothers, immediate cord clamping etc etc, this kitten can take it!!!

Since I have to go out this morning to pick up a friend and head to the hospital in search with all hope for the right people who can help a young mother who has a bad bad mastitis case. I left instructions with As and L while NH hoovered excitedly.
 Just like my other TO DO instructions, this one got stuck on the ref door- this is important: feeding plan. Okay, I know 1 oz is a whole lot but I thought there will be lots of spills. When I arrived home my "nurses" reported to me that the kitten does not want to feed! And slept a lot! Of course!!!

So this is more or less Day 1 with our new pet "Blue Eyes". Yes she has blue eyes, a revelation after we were able to take the soil off her eye slits. I told L that keeping Blue Eyes is my birthday gift for her. She said yes!!!
So now I am off to pick up my eldest girl and then to The POD, its the last class for Batch 1-A 2012.
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