Friday, January 20, 2012

Hospital Tour

I just arrived home from the first ever organized hospital tour for my class in Davao Doctors Hospital. A midwife and resident conducted the tour and showed us around. They answered questions that the couples asked. I am happy that the 4 couples who plan to give birth in Davao Doctors had a hospital tour. As I said its a first time for the class, for me. I have been to their labor room before but it was not a class tour. One of the good doctors showed me around which was what other couples had before. Their doctors took them and showed them around.

A hospital tour is an activity I organize for couples who attend Childbirth Preparation Class at The POD. It does not mean that I represent the hospitals we visit. I merely call the hospital/ head nurse and ask if we can visit and they can show the couples around, what to expect, what they have and how they do things. The couples get a general feel of the place and can make up their minds based on what they saw. When couples sign up for the class they write down where they plan to have their baby and that's the hospital we visit. In cases where a home birth is being planned they simply write down their back up hospital. The orientation is usually done by a nurse, midwife, resident doctor or both, It depends on the hospital.

The first hospital to open their doors to this is Brokenshire Hospital. They have been having a hospital tour since 2006. The hospital tours in Brokenshire took a brief rest when they were renovating their labor/ delivery complex. I remember that when I had my Childbirth Classes with Mrs Gamay Dacanay as far back as 1997, we already had an "orientation"/ hospital tour in Brokenshire Hospital. My husband and I got to see the labor and delivery room and meet the staff before the big day. My husband and I had never been anywhere near a labor or delivery room before. We were excited and scared and in the end we felt relieved, happy and ready- I wish/ hope for this for the couples in Childbirth Preparation Class.

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