Sunday, December 18, 2011

Feeling Christmas Finally!!!

Finally, I am slowing down after buzzing about like a crazy bee! Also, I have Internet connection again after 3 weeks of interrupted signal.
Now I am super ready for some family time and looking forward to having breakfast my eldest girl with us (my eldest has been having breakfast ahead of the family since June). I can't believe its been 5 weeks since my 2 younger girls and I read a book together!
It makes me so happy when the little people here ask me where I kept the baby Jesus. And just like last year, my reply is "He is still in his mommy's tummy." I can't wait for Christmas morning when they check out Jesus in the manger!!!

I asked the little people here to pick out something they would like to give to another kid.

My 2 girls all serious and not very happy that their brother joined in.

This is the first gift my son has ever wrapped!!!
I said if they have not played with it in a while then it should be given away. I gave them a plastic bag to fill up. The toys went straight to the plastic, but the books, to my surprise, they decided to wrap.

The plan is to meet my friend Hannah in the Mintal Gym. I am not sure if we should go down, but I do want the children to see the Lumads. I have a lot of questions about them. Why they come down to Davao every December? When did this start and why? Are they comfortable and better off being in the gym? Are they catechized? Where exactly do they come from? Etc. etc. etc.
From there we will bring what we prepared to the day care center.
 Christmas is so in the air!!!
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