Friday, November 4, 2011


Last Sunday while driving on our way to have an early dinner my second daughter pointed to a sign and said, "What? So Elves are real?"
The sign is clear enough to read but subject to the reader's interpretation!
I had a vision of this coming right around the corner to apply for the job!!!
  As I was laughing so much with tears streaming down my face my husband explained that what elf meant was a small truck not Lord of the Rings (movie) or shoe maker elf!!! We started recalling the signages we saw that made us smile or stop an wonder.
 Ala KFC!!!

This isn't really funny but since we are planning our home it just struck me. 

And this is my husband's all time favorite. We have to drive all the way to the other side of this city so I could snap a photo of this.

We could not recall where we saw Bill Gets Internet Cafe and Kini Roger's Fried Chicken or was it Kini Roger's Chicken Barbecue? Whatever sign you come across have a great weekend :D

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