Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Musical Instrument in the House

I had a Eureka moment!!! My dear sweet L took to whistling- nonstop!!! For 2 weeks now!!!

I tried with all my might to let her be and enjoy the 'show' or her random untimely whistling.
I hate to tell you, Dear L, to stop whistling as you seem to be so relaxed and into it.
Why oh why can I not stand it!?!

Then this afternoon, shortly after 3 o'clock. Eureka!!!! It must be that dear L needs a wind instrument. So tomorrow, is the first day of her flute lessons.

Note to Self.
1.Next time I buy an instrument, I should look at the simplest first instead of excitedly checking out the shinny complicated super looking ones, like what happened yesterday. It intimidated Dear L and reduced her to tears when I asked her to try the shinny silver flute! Golly it was half her entire height and it cost P40k!!! Whoa!!! Thank heavens she did not want to touch it. AM and AS got all happy and excited and held it. Huh!!!
2. The guy in the music instrument store can sell well. He knows the instruments very well, but then he is talking to me who knows nothing. And he is very forward thinking, he said that I should get the P40K flute, as dear L can use it until she becomes a professional flute player!!! Hu!? Dear L is only 7!
3. Most importantly, look at the price first!

Dear L's flute cost P100 (plastic black and shinny with its own case and cleaning stick) + 12 Sessions Flute Lessons in Jhine P 5,180. I am saying goodbye to the Christmas tree I was thinking of buying. And it is my most joyful hope that her whistling will be channeled into flute playing... What I bought is called a recorder not a flute.


  1. I love how you focused her interest into something new to learn!

  2. Thank you Mariel. She can play "Twinlkle Twikle Little Star" and so far the whistling has stopped.

  3. LoL :P Cute pics... It's worked you know, she has stopped whistling :D BTW, your blog looks like/good with our house :P


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