Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Musical Instrument in the House

I had a Eureka moment!!! My dear sweet L took to whistling- nonstop!!! For 2 weeks now!!!

I tried with all my might to let her be and enjoy the 'show' or her random untimely whistling.
I hate to tell you, Dear L, to stop whistling as you seem to be so relaxed and into it.
Why oh why can I not stand it!?!

Then this afternoon, shortly after 3 o'clock. Eureka!!!! It must be that dear L needs a wind instrument. So tomorrow, is the first day of her flute lessons.

Note to Self.
1.Next time I buy an instrument, I should look at the simplest first instead of excitedly checking out the shinny complicated super looking ones, like what happened yesterday. It intimidated Dear L and reduced her to tears when I asked her to try the shinny silver flute! Golly it was half her entire height and it cost P40k!!! Whoa!!! Thank heavens she did not want to touch it. AM and AS got all happy and excited and held it. Huh!!!
2. The guy in the music instrument store can sell well. He knows the instruments very well, but then he is talking to me who knows nothing. And he is very forward thinking, he said that I should get the P40K flute, as dear L can use it until she becomes a professional flute player!!! Hu!? Dear L is only 7!
3. Most importantly, look at the price first!

Dear L's flute cost P100 (plastic black and shinny with its own case and cleaning stick) + 12 Sessions Flute Lessons in Jhine P 5,180. I am saying goodbye to the Christmas tree I was thinking of buying. And it is my most joyful hope that her whistling will be channeled into flute playing... What I bought is called a recorder not a flute.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Its Happening Next Week!!!

Marco Polo Christmas Bazaar here we come!!! Nov, 18, 19 and 20 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Last year was my first time to join and it was so much fun! Super worth it. Not just because I had a booth but my fellow sellers were great with items that I could hardly resist! From all natural make up to eye catching heartwarming Christmas Decors and the food finds too.

Checked my list twice of what not to do and what worked out well from last year!!! Made my Christmas list too as I am sure to find what I am looking for! I hope I win the raffle this year and I am going to buy what I see right away as most of the stuff I liked and thought of getting were so there now but totally gone later! I am excited to set up my space too!

And here's a sneak peak of what I have!!!

How could you ever go wrong, for P750, you have a dress you can turn into a top and style it in 10 different ways.
Comes in blue, black, brown, white and grey!! Sorry no reservations. Good until the few supplies last.

 Bags by T and Pockets!!!

Aquazorb- our family favorite!!! Finger tip towel, ULS face towel, Body Towel, Hair Turban: 
For your gym/running buddy!!! For the mom with a sweaty little one...

Cute baby stuff from Baby Must Haves

There were a lot of a picture perfect moments I failed to capture last year and this year I will surely try to take some pictures!!! I'm thinking maybe this should be tradition for my family- join the Marco Polo Christmas Bazaar!!!
There's more stuff on the big day! I wonder who my 'neighbors' will be this year. What food and baked treats will delight my little ones? And of course for preggy moms and dads you can register for Childbirth Preparation Class and Prenatal Yoga at the bazaar. Drop by our booth and find gifts for everyone in your list or get a treat for yourself!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Do You Teach Your Kids?

Plain and straight forward as this question is I always feel like I get lost in my own answer. I teach!??! 
How do I teach? I maximize what's in front of me.
 "And do they listen? What if they don't?"
I stop. If they do not listen, I stop.
There are some things that I can not forgo as a mother, for I am, at the moment the person in charge of 4  young, promising, amazing, beautiful beings. And one day I will face my creator and answer to him- for all I have done and for all I failed to do.
 So academics can wait. I stop if the interest is not there. But, to let them know that they are loved, to address attitudes and matters of character these things can't wait!
Considered as spelling lessons/ arts and craft/ working together/ cleaning up. Making a birthday card for lolo! What could be more important for this two. The motivation and creativity is all there!
Like all other teachers (i suppose) I bring up information (knowing that I do not/ will never know everything). Example, my 3rd daughter and I are currently reading The Mysterious Benedict Society. A book that was read and recommended by my second girl. And in the first chapter the main character took a test that had something to do with hexagons. So I stopped reading brought up other shapes from triangle to decagon. And made drawings in her notebook while the book we were reading stayed open in the bed. And after about 10 minutes of this she wanted to go back to the story. So we did. 
There! We did math for the day! Since I am reading, we are doing literature, grammar, some spelling and critical thinking all at once while hugging in bed with a lot of pillows.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Last Sunday while driving on our way to have an early dinner my second daughter pointed to a sign and said, "What? So Elves are real?"
The sign is clear enough to read but subject to the reader's interpretation!
I had a vision of this coming right around the corner to apply for the job!!!
  As I was laughing so much with tears streaming down my face my husband explained that what elf meant was a small truck not Lord of the Rings (movie) or shoe maker elf!!! We started recalling the signages we saw that made us smile or stop an wonder.
 Ala KFC!!!

This isn't really funny but since we are planning our home it just struck me. 

And this is my husband's all time favorite. We have to drive all the way to the other side of this city so I could snap a photo of this.

We could not recall where we saw Bill Gets Internet Cafe and Kini Roger's Fried Chicken or was it Kini Roger's Chicken Barbecue? Whatever sign you come across have a great weekend :D
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