Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pushing Position

On our third session in childbirth preparation class we try different positions for the Second Stage of Labor. Considering the many types of babies and mommies and all the body types of each pair, it can't be right that everybody pushes in the same position. This last 4 Batches of Childbirth Preparation Class, we tried different pushing positions and I asked the 17 moms what they would say is the best position for them during birth.
We first try, Supine or Flat on my Back
Then we roll to the side and try, Side Lying
Come up to a Semi- sitting Position
Then we try, On All Fours and sometimes one of the moms or dads would ask, "Where will our doctor be?" and usually they give the answer by themselves.
Followed by a Squat (only for those who want to)
And finally a Standing Position
After trying the different positions, I ask the moms what their top choice is and list it on the board: 1 being the position they like the best, n/a if they did not try it. The Result:
Top Choice: Semi- sitting
2nd Choice: Standing
3rd Choice: On All Fours
4th Place: Side Laying
Least Liked: Supine or Flat on my Back
 I did not include squat as it would rank as #1 for the simple reason that not all moms try the position. Some are not comfortable or scared to come into a squat. Like in this class, all 3 moms did not try to squat.

This exercise is usually followed by,
"Can I do this in my birth place?" 
I wish I could give a YES you can, but I can't. Some moms were able to give birth in a semi sitting position while another one was in a semi-standing position but another mom was placed in a supine position in the same birth setting. Its best to check your birth place and see what they have and how the staff is. Get a feel of the place and you might get the answer to your question. Share this with your doctor or  midwife so you can all plan things out. It is also worth checking out:  Newborn Care Until the First Week of Life Clinical Practice Pocket Guide, page 38, regarding your birthing position.
If you happen to live in Davao City, you can drop by The POD, sign up for a library card and borrow a copy of the Newborn Care Until the First Week of Life Clinical Practice Pocket Guide  for free for 15 days. You can also get a free printed copy of breastfeeding TSEKlist and Breastfeeding Checklist. The POD is open  only in the afternoons from 1:30 to 6 pm Mondays thru Saturdays.

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