Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Family Member

After months of begging I finally said yes to my dear girl's request for a rabbit. She even got to the point of saying, "Mom, if I can't have a rabbit, can you have another baby?"

After buying the rabbit that matched some unspoken criteria, I took the kids to the grocery and there we thought hard for the right name. My dear Allegra was even reduced to tears at one point. The suggested names were:
#1: August, since he was bought on the last day of the month.
#2: Sirius- Not for the star, for Sirius Black. 
#3: Voldemort, another Harry Potter Name. This is when the tears started rolling
#4: Sam, Allegra's sudden suggestion
#5: Regulous- Yeah we are so into Harry Potter

Finally, as we were paying our grocery, the perfect name was uttered. We shall call our new family member,  
 Schubert Xenophilius Hao. 
 Welcome to the family and I pray that you have a longer life span than Peter, our first rabbit.
Schubert Xenophilius' House, inside our home. Complete with signage.

May you know that you are loved and cared for...

With every stroke and cuddle...

Water break after all that grass...


  1. Hi Alex! I'm sure your kids are loving him! They are so cute! Our neighbor also has a rabbit pet and Ava always visits him every morning! And we named him Peter too!

  2. Hi, yes they are loving him. We were hooked on Beatrix Potter when we got our first rabbit, hence the name. What color is your neighbor's rabbit?

  3. Lex! OMG! Welcome Schubert - the controversial rabbit. So tiny, innocent and cuddly -- he doesnt even know that he came into your family with so much thought and controversial ish:) hail Alex the Queen! ahahah

  4. i want to get my little girl a rabbit too! but but but my husband says rabbits smell... do they? i should read up about caring for rabbits so there will be no room to say no :D

  5. Our first Rabbit Peter (but we are not sure if he really was a boy) did not stink up the garden but he burrowed. And he seem to poop in one place. So he is tidy. This second rabbit died really early so I can't tell. My daughter says his cage smells but Xenophilius doesn't.


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