Monday, August 22, 2011

If Birth Were Like Painting

Then childbirth preparation class, doctor/ midwife check ups books/ articles/ blogs we read and videos we watch is like planning the painting- a few sketches perhaps?  Time to think of what you want, learn some techniques (breathing/ different positions/breastfeeding in the first 72 hours/ helpful terms etc), get to know what can work for you etc. But the paper and your brushes plus the lighting will all be provided for in your birth place and that is where you will finish the painting. You are planning a master piece, wouldn't it be fair that you get to see where this shall happen?

We can and should help ourselves but we can't do it all and this is where the humanity and training of those attending the births come in.  If they share your goals, given that you have defined your goals, then a master piece is on its way. Of course, we can't rush art...

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