Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thinking if it will be an Expedition or Time Travel Adventure?

I am up and awake . Just finished attending a Lamaze International complimentary webinar (so happy and thankful that they are doing this. The time difference means nothing to me). I could not go to sleep just yet, wondering if our Expedition will push through tomorrow. I am reading this to my 3 little ones now,
Got this from Book Sale for P77.00 a few
years ago.  Hard bound.
I told them we will visit Valley Forge tomorrow morning but both girls didn't seem up to it. Maybe because they heard me and Ate Mea talking about grocery, must haves, etc in the kitchen and took it to their heads that we are going to the grocery tomorrow morning just after passing by the free playground in Abreeza. Talk about planning skills.

Since there was no pilot/ aeroplane back in 1777, I wonder if my little boy will play along? Should I just skip the "Expedition" tomorrow?
Technically, we are going to time travel if we play? Or maybe they don't like to go on an "expedition" coz I am planning it too much and I stop the game to make clarifications and analyze our "situation"? 
WHOA...There goes me analyzing now. Anyway, I'll ring it up to them tomorrow and if they don't respond we'll just look for Valley Forge on the map and head to the grocery.

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