Friday, July 8, 2011

An Hour in Antarctica!!!

 "Antarctica, Antartica"
No frost bites, scrapes or major falls!This time I listened far better than I did during the first expedition. We saw whales, penguins and a creature in the distance. It was so far. We knew it was moving but we couldn't accurately say if it was a bear or a seal? (Bears in the south pole?) We kept the dogs busy and didn't have time for a snowball fight!!!

 It's so hard to sincerely stay in my assigned role. When did pretend games ended for me? I don't seem to have the confidence that my expedition team mates have. They seem so sure there will be a certain/ specific whale in Antarctica. While in the back of my head I am asking, is there a whale such us in Antarctica at this time of year?

 Also cleaned up after our snacks and official photo before settling down to watch  The whole movie: Endurance, Shackelton and the Antarctic . Our expedition zoologist's reaction after watching the film: "Oh wow it's so dangerous. If I watched the film first, I wouldn't want to go to that place."

Too late for that! We've gone and are safely back!
For our next trip we'll read up a bit, watch a video first maybe even stay longer. I ought to loosen up! There need not be a plan just go with the flow, stay with your assigned role. Next stop,


  1. Ernest Shackleton! what an indomitable sprit he has... truly a nice inspiring story to tell to young kids in an edutaining and experiential way/ i love how you are doing it. i almost feel i'm part of all these expeditions you are taking with your kids......i really like how you do your home school classes lex!!! terrific! it's like doing lifedojo at home! i'm having so much fun reading your blogs on the things you are teaching your kids... how creative and fun! your artistic, imaginative and theatrical side is really coming to the fore! grabe lex, na miss kita, sobra.... made me realize that ever since high school, being overly theatrical in all things and being artistically passionate with whatever got us interested, these traits have been so much a part of who we are that it cannot but be reflected in what we do at present. i'm proud of you and your homeschooling ideas for the kids! ...miss talking with you. only you share my love and passion for the arts and anything theatrical and you're my only friend who possess such a creative out of this world imagination. and i'm happy to see it rubbing off to your kids (amber's passion for ballet, i mean, that kind of fire and passion for something can only come from you :)... let's meet up some time :)

  2. Oh Maian dear, I miss you so much too!!! Nobody can go as crazy as you and me together with the rest of 17 Ltd!!! Jose Rizal with birthday celebration... Oh I miss you too!!! Lets catch up :D

  3. wow!!! i'm so enjoying these expeditions! we're currently following a book along, going where the characters are going, role playing, and singing and dancing. i'm adding you to my list of inspirations in my blog!

  4. Thanks so much Mariel :D This was fun but I really had to learn and ride along with the playing.


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