Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Carnival in Rio!!!!

With less planning and more "I'll go with the flow attitude" we started our preparation for the biggest party on earth!!!! CARNIVAL started at exactly 9:10 this morning. We traced Brazil on the map and check out its neighbors.

All our make up and pictorial upset our dear pilot. He got all angry while looking for his goggles and he refused to let us ride his airplane. So we decided to walk to Brazil. (Ignore the angry little boy!) When we started dancing and singing he left his sulking mood and joined in.

We searched for birds of brazil, after the dancing and ate snacks. We  found a short video clip about tribes in the amazon which prompted me to search for another video to watch and found this. 
Yellow happy horse is pulling our float!!!

Same as the last expedition, we cleaned up first before video. Next trip will be tuesday next week as I have to attend a midwife talk on thursday!!! Where shall we go?

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  1. alexdear! i expected you to be in those skimpy carnivale outfits! haha. i envy you having the time and patience to do all this for the kids and for the love of learning. im sure these are priceless moments for the girls and nicnoc...but give it 4 more years and lets see if the PILOT is still crazy to dance and sing with you hahaha.


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