Friday, July 1, 2011

Calamity Next Door

A flash flood within the city!!! I was alarmed, I am sad and scared. How shall I tell my children? They are bound to find out. How can I not tell them? They should know. This is real.  We know some friend who are affected. Swift and the losses permanent. I can't imagine the grief of all those who have lost loved ones. The idea of starting over seems daunting. No amount of work can ever compensate for what was swept away.
 My daughter asked: "Mom, will that ever happen to us?"
And the truth is, I hope not and I do not know. My 2 girls looked alarmed. So, I brushed it off and said it's not likely, why don't you think of a way to help out?

I know it will not lessen the pain for those who got wet in this sudden calamity. I can not give false reassurances to my young children...but we can not just sit down and do nothing. We cried and hugged and went out with hope that our meager efforts will reach those who needs it most. There are donation drop offs at Victoria Plaza and Matina Town Square.
How can we stop this from ever happening again?

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