Friday, June 17, 2011

A Look Back at Our Decision. Homeschooling

"Should we homeschool?" I asked my husband this question more that a hundred times. He was all for it. He's standard line was "Let's just try for a year." We asked my daughter's teacher, Red Amparo and she was all for it. I surf the net day and night while my children were in school: pros and cons, materials, activities, approaches and prayed for it. At that time I thought I covered everything one could/ should know about homeschooling.

We had two compelling reasons for wanting to home school or to not send our kids to school, and they were (are): to have more time with the kids and to save up on tuition fee expenses.

When my husband and I were deliberating on this, my considerations were:
Will it be fair for my daughters?
Will we really get to save?
I told my self then:
This is going to be fun. And it is.
We can go malling on Mondays. We sure do. I love the parking on monday mornings and I take them around when I am on errands.
We'll go swimming every morning. Not anymore.
We'll have more money and energy for extra curricular activities (still very true) and vacation (we are planning another one and there's no way we could afford one if the kids stayed in school).
I did not think of, but should have considered:
 DepEd requirements, although blogs and websites mentioned about this, I just thought it did not apply in our Philippine setting and system because "sa dami ng out of school youth, we must have an accessible system to accommodate them"- WRONG
Extended family and friends' reaction. Between the two, extended family's reaction is SUPER. It really shouldn't be coz again they were not thought of and therefore not responsible.
Five years fast forward, my eldest girl is back in school and loving it. My second, third and fourth are still at home, spending most of the day playing, reading together and about 30 to 40 minutes for my second working on her math. I want to do gardening this time. I think my 3rd and 4th will love it... We'll see...
Would I do it all over again?

Taken about 4 years ago with Peter (+).
We got ourselves a rabbit to love and learned all about rabbits, mammals etc....
YES, but I'd be more relaxed, less "planning" mode and take more pictures.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When Waiting....

So I won't get impatient when waiting I must have a book with me at all times.
My top 3 waiting places are:
-Inside the car when I have to pick up my eldest girl from school/ dancing,
-doctor's clinic and
-dentist's clinic
I can't have a separate notebook for notes and thoughts as I am sure to leave it wherever. So, I wrap up my must read book with a lined paper. This way I can write down notes, comments, reactions about what I am reading with out fear of loosing it. This works well for my reading assignments. And, if I have to or just feel like writing about the book,  I have my notes handy.

PS. Ziploc plastic comes in handy to make sure the book stays clean and crisp.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mindful Parenting

A must read for every parent out there. I hope this book would find its way to our local bookstores. This was part of my reading assignment from my Prenatal yoga teacher training course with Dr Jean Byrne, last December 20II . 

3 words to best describe the book:
The book does not tell me what I should do with my child, but what I ought to do with myself. The authors narrated a few fairy tales to bring some of their message across. I don't usually like this approach as it sometimes is too much of a stretch, if not totally far out. But in this case it worked, right on the mark. The book has a gentleness to it that I'd like to pass on...

Monday, June 13, 2011

First Day of School (Again)

There's nothing sweeter than the pitter patter of little feet heading to school... Now what if those feet were a size 9? Oh my dear, it's been 5 years since you last went school. Big event for my dear girl and of course the whole gang had to be there and take part...

There's nothing more inspiring and melancholic than watching you stide off to what you think you need to do. It's time. You saw the need for it. See you later after school...
Can't wait...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bad for Weeds and Bad for Us

This is bad news and scary. Do we have this herbiside in Davao?

Its totally unfair if they kept the public in the dark. The main ingredient is Glyphosphate and studies now show that it causes birth defects. With all the banana plantations, farms and gardens we have around here? We do not have soya bean fields in mindanao, do we?

I have a very small garden and we don't use herbisides, pestiside etc. Plants do grow until our dog decides it's grown far enough. The kids happily pluck out all the weeds when I ask them to. This works coz I have a tiny garden. But what about the food I buy? Did they use this? Again I wonder if we have this around here? I kinda almost feel certain we do. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Now what?
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