Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birth: What matters? Who matters?

Gustav Klimt's Hope 1
This story made me very sad.

Why choose to give birth alone and unassisted? Why? Very few couples in my class choose to home birth. And those who did are responsible, motivated and realistic couples starting a family. They have warm and beautiful accounts of their births.

I personally like the feeling of being cared for and its a must for me that my husband is with me during labor and birth. Being spoken to softly and being touched and encouraged are the best for me. Now, what would I have done if I got all the opposite?

I think that very few women here in Davao City get emotional support they would like to have when they are in labor. I wonder if they ever get to say what they want in the first place? I am surprised at how careful some women are are in voicing out their desires for labor and birth lest they be seen as demanding and be labelled as a toxic patient.

Since most of the couples who join Childbirth Class have hospital births, I would like to believe that hospitals in Davao City are doing the best they can to improve not just their facade but the quality of their care and that they are moving towards evidence based maternity care. 

Dear mother, you matter! Your baby matters! If you want a companion during labor and birth, he or she or if there are two of them, they matter too. 

Everyday, women are giving birth here in Davao City. Young doctors, nurses and midwives are being trained. That's why we should speak up. Say what you want. Check out your birth place. Talk about your coming birth it will happen wether you you talk about it as event or not.

Birth is a family milestone and a life changing event. Talk about it with your partner and ask each other how shall we go about with this event because you matter and the birth of your child matters.
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