Saturday, October 30, 2010

How Could YOU Bore Me?

My eldest daughter has an interest she feels passionately about. She talks about ballet, ballerinas and ballet videos with eyes twinkling. She seems determined, dedicated and excited about ballet. She was chatting away with me in the car and she suddenly stopped and asked me, "Do I bore you? Not many people are into this?" I was stunned. Does she bore me? Prior to her sudden question my mind was raising. Listening to her made my heart swell. She has a dream, a plan, she's learning a skill, building her character, interested in something I am not particularly interested in. How can I be bored? "No, not at all."
And she went on chatting away while I went on listening and driving. And feeling something in my heart.
As she opened the car door, I wanted to say, "Wait!" But then, what will I say. I drove her there and she wanted to go. So, I simply said, "Bye, Ambs. You don't bore me I am really happy for you."
"Okay I end at 4 mom. Bye!!!" And she happily walked away.

I drove back to our house with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. My eldest daughter whose gaze (as an infant) followed me around the room just asked me: "Do I bore you?" I think I got super jolted shock!!! How could she bore me? She did not bore me but she definitely made me cry. She is becoming her own person. And I sure am happy and proud. She showed consideration towards me. And I sure am happy and proud.
As I was getting down from the car I wiped my tears before my 3 younger ones see me. They tend to imagine the "worst worst ever" when I cry. And I did not want to explain. It might be too long and inarticulate and they might get bored...

Friday, October 8, 2010

No Rush!!!

It warmed my heart to see them like this. I just had to take a picture.
Little brother went with dad to work, so we girls have some peace and quiet for about an hour. Since the kids don't have to rush in the morning I found them like this. Homeschooling is such a blessing to our family.  

Some days are better than others. For now, all is quiet. And I am enjoying it!!! A few days back it was piano and singing and arguing over who's turn it is right after breakfast!
Oh, the downside of taking a photo: they got distracted from what they were doing. I broke their active stillness for a little while. I really couldn't resist.

Monday, October 4, 2010

When beautiful heads come together...

A vision and mission comes in hand. Was in Basti's this afternoon. Love the new look and the pizza and the coffee with excellent company. How I wish I had yogurt too. 

Was with mommySense moms making plans for 2011.

Great meeting and many things to do!!! 
Go! Go! Go! 
We have our goals and we know what to do! 
Lets do it and around this time next year we will be meeting again and cheering for a year well done!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Boxes for Childbirth Class

Last class for the year will start in about 2 weeks and I am already thinking about what to do next year. Excited with next year and sentimental for this year. I decided to make the boxes for my class.
I am seriously crafting away!!! I started printing cards for my class this year and I asked the ever reliable Dynah Tupas of Crafter's Haven to help me with the box for the cards each couple will have. (Biggest thanks to you Dynah for the design and the patience and for always coming up with the yellow box on time). This is really taking a lot of my time yet after every box I finish, I feel super!!!

 At first I have to think with all my might which side to cut, then fold, etc. But now that I have a pattern box, thoughts of the classes this year fill my head. This year is a growth year for me. The class now has a projector for pictures and videos. Like the previous years, I learned many many things from my students but this year I've gained confidence as a teacher. I can't wait to start this last class for 2010 though I haven't met any of my students yet.

To embrace the coming tomorrow
With confidence and kindness.

May the coming class be...
What each most need...

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