Friday, September 24, 2010

The TOY That Thinks its a BREAST PUMP!!!

I would like to know: Have you ever tried this? If you did how was it? Seriously I need feedback so i posted this in facebook.

A few months ago, a mother who gave birth to a premature baby was using this
 to express her most precious milk to give to her much cherished little baby who happened to be born 2 months early!!! She bought her pump at the drug store near the hospital where she had her baby. Lo and behold! As engorge as she was she couldn't express her milk!!! Then, I meet a working mother who was much in distress with a pump like this! She couldn't express her milk and she was due to go back to work in a week! And at the grocery, I saw a pregnant lady looking at this!!! I just had to stop and tell her DON'T BUY THAT!!! Of course I had to temper myself lest she think I am a crazy stranger. I feel hysterical!!!I had it!!!! Please!!!! FRUSTRATING!!!

I think this is a toy that believes its a breast pump. I have never seen it work- as in do the job it set out to do! This shouldn't be sold at all!!! It can cause injury!!! I don't go around recommending expensive breast pumps but this product is just way too off. Its really cheap by comparison to other pumps in the market too. I saw and tried a similar pump in 1997 when I had my first baby. At least that one had a bottle attached to it. Huh! (my breast pump history: for another post maybe!). I didn't know any better then!!! I can't believe this is still around!!!


  1. hi alex!! are you lyn's partner in mommysense? it's super cheap so a lot of moms still buy this... and don't realize that it actually leads to the death of the the breastfeeding relationship!! some say it damages breast tissue but well.. there's no regulation and since it sells, it's still around :D

  2. Hi Jenny. Yes Lyn and I get together for mommySense and many other mommy stuff. You are right. Sana ma-ban/ boycott it. There's another low price manual pump I am not sure if it will work. The brand is Farlene (P500). Have you tried that? I want to buy one and have some moms try it out.


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