Thursday, September 30, 2010

YUMMY Project

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!
I am thrilled!!!
I am back to baking and loving it like never before!!!!  Of course, I had to get everyone in the house involved! We started...


Get them out of their stalks.
Just before baking.
Aha! I should take a pic of myself in the kitchen. I don't think I have one considering I spend a great deal of time in that part of the house.I missed the whole mixing process.


My daughter who makes a face and quivers at the site of malungay soup or any vegetable for that matter ate so much!!!
Analyzing Yummy
 So I've made a whole bunch and I have ideas brewing in my head!!! And what shall be done with all the malungay stalk?
Stalk Arrangement. Waste not...

Friday, September 24, 2010

The TOY That Thinks its a BREAST PUMP!!!

I would like to know: Have you ever tried this? If you did how was it? Seriously I need feedback so i posted this in facebook.

A few months ago, a mother who gave birth to a premature baby was using this
 to express her most precious milk to give to her much cherished little baby who happened to be born 2 months early!!! She bought her pump at the drug store near the hospital where she had her baby. Lo and behold! As engorge as she was she couldn't express her milk!!! Then, I meet a working mother who was much in distress with a pump like this! She couldn't express her milk and she was due to go back to work in a week! And at the grocery, I saw a pregnant lady looking at this!!! I just had to stop and tell her DON'T BUY THAT!!! Of course I had to temper myself lest she think I am a crazy stranger. I feel hysterical!!!I had it!!!! Please!!!! FRUSTRATING!!!

I think this is a toy that believes its a breast pump. I have never seen it work- as in do the job it set out to do! This shouldn't be sold at all!!! It can cause injury!!! I don't go around recommending expensive breast pumps but this product is just way too off. Its really cheap by comparison to other pumps in the market too. I saw and tried a similar pump in 1997 when I had my first baby. At least that one had a bottle attached to it. Huh! (my breast pump history: for another post maybe!). I didn't know any better then!!! I can't believe this is still around!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kangaroo, My Guilt And Inspiration

I love my children to pieces but sometimes I seriously wish I were a kangaroo. And here are my reasons:
1. When my son wants me to carry him and my hands are busy. Oh I wish I had a pouch! Then I can roam the great vast plain or in mommy terms do the chores/ run errands with my baby hands free.
2. When I have to bring my 2 younger ones to a place where they might break something I have to pay for. Keep them in the pouch!!
3. When I want to walk really fast but have to slow down because my younger kids couldn't keep up. Keep them in the pouch and use that mighty tail and hop away!!!

Oh well, since I am not a kangaroo I get to leave my "joeys" at home to explore the great vast plain". So yesterday afternoon, I went to San Perdo Hospital (SPH) feeling a bit guilty. If I were not in SPH, I would be snuggling with my 4 precious ones reading "Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shoguns". This guilty thing always happens to me!!! So I started talking to myself. "Why wallow in guilt? You are her now! Make the most of it!!!"

I was  in SPH, thanks to the invitation of the very enthusiastic and soon to be dad Phrix Pondoc, to listened to Dr Socorro de Leon Mendoza, President of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC). Her talk was entitled, "Kangaroo Mother Care, The Practice, The Science, The Relevance."  SUPER!!! Her talk made me want to cry! She was talking, showing pictures and research stuff of Low Birth Weight (LBW) and their mothers and fathers or with mother's friend. Holding them. Very tiny babies in their mothers' arms and breastfeeding! AMAZING!!!

 Mommies hug (KMC) versus incubator resulted in:
  • 50% fewer deaths among low birth weight babies due to infection (Fabella Hospital)
  • Higher breastfeeding rates after mother was discharged from the hospital
  • Savings due to less medical cost
Dr Socorro de Leon Mendoza with her
Low Birth Weight Doll
And she wasn't talking about mothers from another country but mothers like you and me here in the Philippines. She mentioned system changes and key people needed in the hospital setting so that Kangaroo Mother Care can be implemented. I left SPH inspired and hyper!!! They had the courage to do this to low birth weight babies! SUPER!!!! Then we can do this to full term infants as well!!! I wish I could share her whole talk here. Mommies, we can do so much for our babies!!! Come to think of it, I was a kangaroo all along but not for the reasons I wanted. Learn about Kangaroo Care and ready your tissue for this one
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